Product: Goat Anti-Mouse IgG (H+L) Fluor647-conjugated
Catalog: S0014
Source: Goat
Application: WB IF/ICC FACS
Reactivity: Mouse
RRID: AB_2844802
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Product Info

WB 1:100 – 1:500, IF/ICC 1:100-1:500
*The optimal dilutions should be determined by the end user.
Cite Format: Affinity Biosciences Cat# S0014, RRID:AB_2844802.
Fluor647. Ex:651nm/Em:667nm
0.01M Sodium phosphate, 0.25M NaCl, 50% glycerol, pH7.6.Store at -20℃,avoid repeated thawing and freezing.



The antiserum was developed in goat using the Mouse IgG as the immunogen.


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