Product: Phospho-CDK2 (Thr160) Antibody
Catalog: AF3237
Description: Rabbit polyclonal antibody to Phospho-CDK2 (Thr160)
Application: WB IHC IF/ICC
Reactivity: Human, Mouse, Rat
Prediction: Pig, Zebrafish, Bovine, Horse, Sheep, Rabbit, Dog, Chicken, Xenopus
Mol.Wt.: 34kDa; 34kD(Calculated).
Uniprot: P24941
RRID: AB_2834663

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Product Info

WB 1:500-1:2000, IHC 1:50-1:200, IF/ICC 1:100-1:500
*The optimal dilutions should be determined by the end user.

WB: For western blot detection of denatured protein samples. IHC: For immunohistochemical detection of paraffin sections (IHC-p) or frozen sections (IHC-f) of tissue samples. IF/ICC: For immunofluorescence detection of cell samples. ELISA(peptide): For ELISA detection of antigenic peptide.

Pig(100%), Zebrafish(100%), Bovine(100%), Horse(100%), Sheep(100%), Rabbit(100%), Dog(100%), Chicken(100%), Xenopus(91%)
Phospho-CDK2 (Thr160) Antibody detects endogenous levels of CDK2 only when phosphorylated at Threonine 160.
Cite Format: Affinity Biosciences Cat# AF3237, RRID:AB_2834663.
The antibody is from purified rabbit serum by affinity purification via sequential chromatography on phospho-peptide and non-phospho-peptide affinity columns.
Rabbit IgG in phosphate buffered saline , pH 7.4, 150mM NaCl, 0.02% sodium azide and 50% glycerol. Store at -20 °C. Stable for 12 months from date of receipt.


Cdc2 related protein kinase; cdc2-related protein kinase; CDC28; CDC2A; Cdk 2; CDK1; CDK2; CDK2_HUMAN; CDKN2; Cell devision kinase 2; Cell division protein kinase 2; Cyclin dependent kinase 2; cyclin dependent kinase 2-alpha; Cyclin-dependent kinase 2; kinase Cdc2; MPF; p33 protein kinase; p33(CDK2);


The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the Ser/Thr protein kinase family. This protein is a catalytic subunit of the highly conserved protein kinase complex known as M-phase promoting factor (MPF), which is essential for G1/S and G2/M phase transitions of eukaryotic cell cycle.



Score>80(red) has high confidence and is suggested to be used for WB detection. *The prediction model is mainly based on the alignment of immunogen sequences, the results are for reference only, not as the basis of quality assurance.

Model Confidence:
High(score>80) Medium(80>score>50) Low(score<50) No confidence

PTMs - P24941 As Substrate

Site PTM Type Enzyme
M1 Acetylation
K6 Acetylation
K6 Ubiquitination
K9 Ubiquitination
T14 Phosphorylation P30291 (WEE1)
Y15 Phosphorylation P07948 (LYN) , P30291 (WEE1)
Y19 Phosphorylation
K20 Ubiquitination
K24 Ubiquitination
K33 Sumoylation
K33 Ubiquitination
T39 Phosphorylation P31749 (AKT1)
S46 Phosphorylation P50613 (CDK7)
T47 Phosphorylation
K56 Ubiquitination
K65 Ubiquitination
K129 Ubiquitination
T137 Phosphorylation
K142 Ubiquitination
T158 Phosphorylation
Y159 Phosphorylation
T160 Phosphorylation P24941 (CDK2) , P28482 (MAPK1) , Q8IZL9 (CDK20) , P50613 (CDK7) , P27361 (MAPK3)
T165 Phosphorylation P50613 (CDK7)
Y168 Phosphorylation P50613 (CDK7)
K237 Ubiquitination
K250 Ubiquitination
K273 Ubiquitination
K278 Ubiquitination
K291 Ubiquitination
R297 Methylation

PTMs - P24941 As Enzyme

Substrate Site Source
A1KXE4 (FAM168B) T57 Uniprot
O00267 (SUPT5H) S666 Uniprot
O00267 (SUPT5H) T775 Uniprot
O00267 (SUPT5H) T791 Uniprot
O00311 (CDC7) T376 Uniprot
O00429 (DNM1L) S616 Uniprot
O00571 (DDX3X) T204 Uniprot
O14497 (ARID1A) S363 Uniprot
O14497 (ARID1A) S1320 Uniprot
O14497 (ARID1A) S1322 Uniprot
O14686 (KMT2D) T5374 Uniprot
O14757 (CHEK1) S286 Uniprot
O14757 (CHEK1) S301 Uniprot
O15014 (ZNF609) T722 Uniprot
O15350-1 (TP73) T86 Uniprot
O43395 (PRPF3) T167 Uniprot
O43463 (SUV39H1) S391 Uniprot
O43663-1 (PRC1) T470 Uniprot
O43663-1 (PRC1) T481 Uniprot
O60271 (SPAG9) T586 Uniprot
O60504 (SORBS3) T562 Uniprot
O60504 (SORBS3) S563 Uniprot
O60934 (NBN) S432 Uniprot
O75152 (ZC3H11A) T321 Uniprot
O75179 (ANKRD17) S2042 Uniprot
O75179 (ANKRD17) S2044 Uniprot
O75179 (ANKRD17) S2045 Uniprot
O75179 (ANKRD17) S2401 Uniprot
O75469 (NR1I2) S114 Uniprot
O75469 (NR1I2) T133 Uniprot
O75469 (NR1I2) T135 Uniprot
O75469 (NR1I2) S167 Uniprot
O75469 (NR1I2) S200 Uniprot
O75469 (NR1I2) S350 Uniprot
O75533 (SF3B1) T142 Uniprot
O75533 (SF3B1) T211 Uniprot
O75533 (SF3B1) T244 Uniprot
O75533 (SF3B1) T248 Uniprot
O75533 (SF3B1) S259 Uniprot
O75533 (SF3B1) T261 Uniprot
O75533 (SF3B1) T267 Uniprot
O75533 (SF3B1) T313 Uniprot
O75533 (SF3B1) T354 Uniprot
O75533 (SF3B1) T426 Uniprot
O75533 (SF3B1) T432 Uniprot
O75533 (SF3B1) T434 Uniprot
O75533 (SF3B1) T436 Uniprot
O75553 (DAB1) S524 Uniprot
O75616 (ERAL1) S173 Uniprot
O94776 (MTA2) S435 Uniprot
O94776 (MTA2) T438 Uniprot
O94776 (MTA2) T439 Uniprot
O94776 (MTA2) S440 Uniprot
O95251 (KAT7) T88 Uniprot
O95295 (SNAPIN) S133 Uniprot
P03372 (ESR1) S104 Uniprot
P03372 (ESR1) S106 Uniprot
P03372 (ESR1) S118 Uniprot
P03372 (ESR1) S294 Uniprot
P04183 (TK1) S13 Uniprot
P04637 (TP53) S313 Uniprot
P04637 (TP53) S314 Uniprot
P04637 (TP53) S315 Uniprot
P04637-1 (TP53) S392 Uniprot
P06400 (RB1) S230 Uniprot
P06400 (RB1) S249 Uniprot
P06400 (RB1) T252 Uniprot
P06400 (RB1) T356 Uniprot
P06400 (RB1) T373 Uniprot
P06400 (RB1) S567 Uniprot
P06400 (RB1) S608 Uniprot
P06400 (RB1) S612 Uniprot
P06400 (RB1) S807 Uniprot
P06400 (RB1) S811 Uniprot
P06400 (RB1) T821 Uniprot
P06400 (RB1) T826 Uniprot
P06401 (PGR) S20 Uniprot
P06401 (PGR) S25 Uniprot
P06401 (PGR) S162 Uniprot
P06401 (PGR) S190 Uniprot
P06401 (PGR) S213 Uniprot
P06401 (PGR) S294 Uniprot
P06401 (PGR) S400 Uniprot
P06401 (PGR) T430 Uniprot
P06401 (PGR) S554 Uniprot
P06401 (PGR) S676 Uniprot
P06748 (NPM1) S70 Uniprot
P06748 (NPM1) T199 Uniprot
P06748 (NPM1) T234 Uniprot
P08621 (SNRNP70) S226 Uniprot
P08670 (VIM) S55 Uniprot
P08670 (VIM) S56 Uniprot
P10244-1 (MYBL2) T266 Uniprot
P10244-1 (MYBL2) S393 Uniprot
P10244-1 (MYBL2) T405 Uniprot
P10244-1 (MYBL2) T440 Uniprot
P10244-1 (MYBL2) T444 Uniprot
P10244-1 (MYBL2) S452 Uniprot
P10244-1 (MYBL2) T487 Uniprot
P10244-1 (MYBL2) T494 Uniprot
P10244-1 (MYBL2) T515 Uniprot
P10244-1 (MYBL2) T518 Uniprot
P10244 (MYBL2) T520 Uniprot
P10244-1 (MYBL2) S577 Uniprot
P10412 (HIST1H1E) T18 Uniprot
P10644 (PRKAR1A) S83 Uniprot
P10644-1 (PRKAR1A) T209 Uniprot
P12268 (IMPDH2) S122 Uniprot
P12270 (TPR) S1676 Uniprot
P12270 (TPR) T1677 Uniprot
P12270 (TPR) S1679 Uniprot
P12272-1 (PTHLH) T108 Uniprot
P12272 (PTHLH) T121 Uniprot
P12956 (XRCC6) T455 Uniprot
P13051 (UNG) S12 Uniprot
P13639 (EEF2) T435 Uniprot
P13639 (EEF2) S595 Uniprot
P14859 (POU2F1) S269 Uniprot
P14859 (POU2F1) T270 Uniprot
P15172 (MYOD1) S200 Uniprot
P15336 (ATF2) T116 Uniprot
P15923 (TCF3) S139 Uniprot
P15923 (TCF3) S245 Uniprot
P15927 (RPA2) S23 Uniprot
P15927 (RPA2) S29 Uniprot
P15927 (RPA2) S33 Uniprot
P16949 (STMN1) S25 Uniprot
P16949 (STMN1) S38 Uniprot
P17096 (HMGA1) S36 Uniprot
P17480 (UBTF) S389 Uniprot
P17480 (UBTF) S484 Uniprot
P17676 (CEBPB) T235 Uniprot
P17706 (PTPN2) S304 Uniprot
P18858 (LIG1) S51 Uniprot
P18858 (LIG1) S76 Uniprot
P18858 (LIG1) S91 Uniprot
P18858 (LIG1) T195 Uniprot
P18858 (LIG1) T197 Uniprot
P18858 (LIG1) T233 Uniprot
P18887 (XRCC1) S226 Uniprot
P18887 (XRCC1) S229 Uniprot
P19338 (NCL) S67 Uniprot
P19338 (NCL) T76 Uniprot
P19338 (NCL) T121 Uniprot
P20248 (CCNA2) S154 Uniprot
P22234 (PAICS) S27 Uniprot
P22674 (CCNO) S81 Uniprot
P23258 (TUBG1) S80 Uniprot
P23396 (RPS3) T220 Uniprot
P23396 (RPS3) T221 Uniprot
P23511-2 (NFYA) S291 Uniprot
P23511-2 (NFYA) S297 Uniprot
P23511-1 (NFYA) S320 Uniprot
P23511-1 (NFYA) S326 Uniprot
P23771 (GATA3) T156 Uniprot
P24864 (CCNE1) S387 Uniprot
P24864 (CCNE1) T395 Uniprot
P24864 (CCNE1) S399 Uniprot
P24928 (POLR2A) S1882 Uniprot
P24928 (POLR2A) T1884 Uniprot
P24928 (POLR2A) T1885 Uniprot
P24928 (POLR2A) T1915 Uniprot
P24928 (POLR2A) S1917 Uniprot
P24941-1 (CDK2) Y19 Uniprot
P24941 (CDK2) T160 Uniprot
P25054 (APC) S1360 Uniprot
P25098 (GRK2) S670 Uniprot
P25205 (MCM3) T722 Uniprot
P26358 (DNMT1) S154 Uniprot
P28324 (ELK4) T194 Uniprot
P28324 (ELK4) S387 Uniprot
P28749 (RBL1) S640 Uniprot
P28749 (RBL1) S650 Uniprot
P29350 (PTPN6) S591 Uniprot
P29374 (ARID4A) S864 Uniprot
P29374 (ARID4A) S1007 Uniprot
P29374 (ARID4A) T1124 Uniprot
P29374 (ARID4A) S1140 Uniprot
P29374 (ARID4A) S1145 Uniprot
P29590 (PML) S518 Uniprot
P29966 (MARCKS) S26 Uniprot
P29966 (MARCKS) S27 Uniprot
P29966 (MARCKS) S118 Uniprot
P29966 (MARCKS) S131 Uniprot
P29966 (MARCKS) S132 Uniprot
P29966 (MARCKS) T133 Uniprot
P29966 (MARCKS) S134 Uniprot
P29966 (MARCKS) S135 Uniprot
P29966 (MARCKS) S147 Uniprot
P29966 (MARCKS) T150 Uniprot
P30050 (RPL12) S38 Uniprot
P30291 (WEE1) S123 Uniprot
P30304 (CDC25A) S263 Uniprot
P30307 (CDC25C) S214 Uniprot
P31350 (RRM2) S20 Uniprot
P31350 (RRM2) T33 Uniprot
P31943 (HNRNPH1) S104 Uniprot
P32322 (PYCR1) S301 Uniprot
P32322 (PYCR1) S303 Uniprot
P33981-1 (TTK) T468 Uniprot
P33991 (MCM4) S3 Uniprot
P33991 (MCM4) T7 Uniprot
P33991 (MCM4) T19 Uniprot
P33991 (MCM4) S32 Uniprot
P33991 (MCM4) T53 Uniprot
P33991 (MCM4) S54 Uniprot
P33991 (MCM4) T110 Uniprot
P33993 (MCM7) S121 Uniprot
P33993 (MCM7) S365 Uniprot
P35269 (GTF2F1) T445 Uniprot
P35269 (GTF2F1) T446 Uniprot
P35611 (ADD1) S613 Uniprot
P35611 (ADD1) T614 Uniprot
P38398-3 (BRCA1) S393 Uniprot
P38398-8 (BRCA1) S1450 Uniprot
P38398 (BRCA1) S1497 Uniprot
P38432 (COIL) S184 Uniprot
P38919 (EIF4A3) T163 Uniprot
P38936 (CDKN1A) S130 Uniprot
P42677 (RPS27) S27 Uniprot
P46013 (MKI67) S357 Uniprot
P46527 (CDKN1B) T187 Uniprot
P48200 (IREB2) S157 Uniprot
P48634-2 (PRRC2A) T1340 Uniprot
P49454 (CENPF) T154 Uniprot
P49454 (CENPF) S156 Uniprot
P49459-2 (UBE2A) S90 Uniprot
P49459 (UBE2A) S120 Uniprot
P49736 (MCM2) S13 Uniprot
P49736 (MCM2) S27 Uniprot
P49736 (MCM2) S40 Uniprot
P49736 (MCM2) S41 Uniprot
P49736 (MCM2) S53 Uniprot
P49736 (MCM2) S108 Uniprot
P49736 (MCM2) S139 Uniprot
P49790 (NUP153) S386 Uniprot
P49790 (NUP153) T388 Uniprot
P49915 (GMPS) S313 Uniprot
P49915 (GMPS) T318 Uniprot
P49916 (LIG3) T191 Uniprot
P49916 (LIG3) S210 Uniprot
P49916 (LIG3) S913 Uniprot
P50570 (DNM2) S764 Uniprot
P50613 (CDK7) S164 Uniprot
P50613 (CDK7) T170 Uniprot
P50750 (CDK9) S90 Uniprot
P51649 (ALDH5A1) T181 Uniprot
P52948 (NUP98) S612 Uniprot
P54132 (BLM) S175 Uniprot
P54198-1 (HIRA) T555 Uniprot
P54198 (HIRA) T583 Uniprot
P54198 (HIRA) S584 Uniprot
P54198 (HIRA) T586 Uniprot
P54198 (HIRA) T588 Uniprot
P54198-1 (HIRA) S687 Uniprot
P55196 (AFDN) T1352 Uniprot
P55273 (CDKN2D) S76 Uniprot
P55273 (CDKN2D) T141 Uniprot
P55795 (HNRNPH2) S104 Uniprot
P57740 (NUP107) S10 Uniprot
P57740 (NUP107) S11 Uniprot
P61978 (HNRNPK) S216 Uniprot
P62136 (PPP1CA) T320 Uniprot
P62324 (BTG1) S159 Uniprot
P62913 (RPL11) T47 Uniprot
P78317 (RNF4) T26 Uniprot
P78317 (RNF4) T112 Uniprot
P78347 (GTF2I) T556 Uniprot
P78347 (GTF2I) T558 Uniprot
P82970 (HMGN5) T31 Uniprot
P84022-1 (SMAD3) T8 Uniprot
P84022-1 (SMAD3) T179 Uniprot
P84022-1 (SMAD3) S204 Uniprot
P84022-1 (SMAD3) S208 Uniprot
P84022-1 (SMAD3) S213 Uniprot
Q00059 (TFAM) T122 Uniprot
Q00059 (TFAM) S124 Uniprot
Q00536 (CDK16) S138 Uniprot
Q01167 (FOXK2) S373 Uniprot
Q01167 (FOXK2) S428 Uniprot
Q01196 (RUNX1) S249 Uniprot
Q01196 (RUNX1) S266 Uniprot
Q01196 (RUNX1) T273 Uniprot
Q01196-8 (RUNX1) S276 Uniprot
Q01196-8 (RUNX1) S293 Uniprot
Q01196-8 (RUNX1) T300 Uniprot
Q01196-8 (RUNX1) S303 Uniprot
Q02363 (ID2) S5 Uniprot
Q02535 (ID3) S5 Uniprot
Q02539 (HIST1H1A) T152 Uniprot
Q03252 (LMNB2) S37 Uniprot
Q03252 (LMNB2) T39 Uniprot
Q04323 (UBXN1) S199 Uniprot
Q04323 (UBXN1) S200 Uniprot
Q04323 (UBXN1) S202 Uniprot
Q04637 (EIF4G1) T647 Uniprot
Q05516 (ZBTB16) S197 Uniprot
Q05516 (ZBTB16) T282 Uniprot
Q05519 (SRSF11) S207 Uniprot
Q05519 (SRSF11) S209 Uniprot
Q05682 (CALD1) T730 Uniprot
Q06830 (PRDX1) T90 Uniprot
Q07820 (MCL1) S64 Uniprot
Q07820 (MCL1) T92 Uniprot
Q07820 (MCL1) S121 Uniprot
Q07820 (MCL1) T163 Uniprot
Q08050-2 (FOXM1) T596 Uniprot
Q08050-1 (FOXM1) T611 Uniprot
Q08050-3 (FOXM1) T649 Uniprot
Q08999 (RBL2) S413 Uniprot
Q08999 (RBL2) T417 Uniprot
Q08999 (RBL2) S639 Uniprot
Q08999 (RBL2) T642 Uniprot
Q08999 (RBL2) S662 Uniprot
Q08999 (RBL2) S688 Uniprot
Q08999 (RBL2) T694 Uniprot
Q08999 (RBL2) S952 Uniprot
Q08999 (RBL2) S1044 Uniprot
Q08999 (RBL2) S1068 Uniprot
Q08999 (RBL2) S1080 Uniprot
Q08999 (RBL2) T1097 Uniprot
Q08999 (RBL2) S1112 Uniprot
Q0VD86 (INCA1) S23 Uniprot
Q0VD86 (INCA1) T182 Uniprot
Q0VD86 (INCA1) S191 Uniprot
Q12778 (FOXO1) S249 Uniprot
Q12800 (TFCP2) T258 Uniprot
Q12800 (TFCP2) S289 Uniprot
Q12800 (TFCP2) S291 Uniprot
Q12800 (TFCP2) S309 Uniprot
Q12888 (TP53BP1) T1609 Uniprot
Q12888 (TP53BP1) T1612 Uniprot
Q12906 (ILF3) T363 Uniprot
Q12906 (ILF3) T364 Uniprot
Q12906 (ILF3) T368 Uniprot
Q12906 (ILF3) S382 Uniprot
Q12906 (ILF3) S384 Uniprot
Q12948 (FOXC1) T68 Uniprot
Q12959 (DLG1) S158 Uniprot
Q12959 (DLG1) S443 Uniprot
Q13118 (KLF10) S206 Uniprot
Q13242 (SRSF9) S216 Uniprot
Q13309 (SKP2) S64 Uniprot
Q13330 (MTA1) S522 Uniprot
Q13352 (ITGB3BP) S33 Uniprot
Q13352 (ITGB3BP) S46 Uniprot
Q13415 (ORC1) S258 Uniprot
Q13415 (ORC1) S273 Uniprot
Q13415 (ORC1) T375 Uniprot
Q13416 (ORC2) T116 Uniprot
Q13416 (ORC2) T226 Uniprot
Q13428 (TCOF1) S582 Uniprot
Q13428 (TCOF1) S583 Uniprot
Q13428 (TCOF1) S982 Uniprot
Q13428 (TCOF1) T983 Uniprot
Q13573 (SNW1) S224 Uniprot
Q13573 (SNW1) S232 Uniprot
Q13573 (SNW1) S234 Uniprot
Q14103 (HNRNPD) T193 Uniprot
Q14194 (CRMP1) T509 Uniprot
Q14195 (DPYSL3) T507 Uniprot
Q14195 (DPYSL3) T508 Uniprot
Q14195 (DPYSL3) T509 Uniprot
Q14202 (ZMYM3) T826 Uniprot
Q14207 (NPAT) S775 Uniprot
Q14207 (NPAT) S779 Uniprot
Q14207 (NPAT) S1100 Uniprot
Q14207 (NPAT) T1270 Uniprot
Q14207 (NPAT) T1350 Uniprot
Q14247 (CTTN) S405 Uniprot
Q14676 (MDC1) T341 Uniprot
Q14676 (MDC1) S1068 Uniprot
Q14676 (MDC1) T1630 Uniprot
Q14807 (KIF22) S462 Uniprot
Q14807 (KIF22) T463 Uniprot
Q14839 (CHD4) T529 Uniprot
Q14839 (CHD4) S531 Uniprot
Q14980 (NUMA1) T1776 Uniprot
Q14CB8 (ARHGAP19) T476 Uniprot
Q14CB8 (ARHGAP19) T478 Uniprot
Q15003 (NCAPH) T49 Uniprot
Q15047 (SETDB1) S1066 Uniprot
Q15398 (DLGAP5) T342 Uniprot
Q15398 (DLGAP5) T344 Uniprot
Q15554 (TERF2) S365 Uniprot
Q15648 (MED1) S1207 Uniprot
Q15648 (MED1) T1215 Uniprot
Q15717 (ELAVL1) S202 Uniprot
Q15796 (SMAD2) T8 Uniprot
Q15813 (TBCE) S495 Uniprot
Q15910 (EZH2) T345 Uniprot
Q15910 (EZH2) T416 Uniprot
Q15942 (ZYX) S303 Uniprot
Q15942 (ZYX) T306 Uniprot
Q15942 (ZYX) S308 Uniprot
Q16204 (CCDC6) S244 Uniprot
Q2NL82 (TSR1) T490 Uniprot
Q32P44 (EML3) T881 Uniprot
Q32P44 (EML3) S883 Uniprot
Q4VCS5 (AMOT) S847 Uniprot
Q4VCS5 (AMOT) T848 Uniprot
Q4VCS5 (AMOT) S852 Uniprot
Q4VCS5 (AMOT) S855 Uniprot
Q53ET0 (CRTC2) S433 Uniprot
Q53GL7 (PARP10) T101 Uniprot
Q53H80 (AKIRIN2) S18 Uniprot
Q53H80 (AKIRIN2) S21 Uniprot
Q5JTV8 (TOR1AIP1) S143 Uniprot
Q5JTZ9 (AARS2) T673 Uniprot
Q5T5Y3 (CAMSAP1) S1080 Uniprot
Q5TZA2-2 (CROCC) S763 Uniprot
Q5TZA2 (CROCC) S1460 Uniprot
Q6P1N0 (CC2D1A) S208 Uniprot
Q6PKG0 (LARP1) T303 Uniprot
Q6PKG0 (LARP1) T649 Uniprot
Q6PKG0 (LARP1) S774 Uniprot
Q6UB35 (MTHFD1L) S357 Uniprot
Q6Y7W6-3 (GIGYF2) S30 Uniprot
Q6Y7W6-3 (GIGYF2) S614 Uniprot
Q71UM5 (RPS27L) S27 Uniprot
Q7KZ85 (SUPT6H) T1523 Uniprot
Q7Z2Z1 (TICRR) T969 Uniprot
Q7Z2Z1 (TICRR) S1001 Uniprot
Q7Z417 (NUFIP2) T219 Uniprot
Q7Z417 (NUFIP2) T220 Uniprot
Q86T82 (USP37) S628 Uniprot
Q86U86 (PBRM1) S25 Uniprot
Q86U86 (PBRM1) S27 Uniprot
Q86U86 (PBRM1) T28 Uniprot
Q86U86 (PBRM1) S32 Uniprot
Q86VM9 (ZC3H18) S613 Uniprot
Q86VM9 (ZC3H18) S618 Uniprot
Q86VM9 (ZC3H18) S795 Uniprot
Q86VM9 (ZC3H18) T796 Uniprot
Q86WB0 (ZC3HC1) S394 Uniprot
Q86WB0 (ZC3HC1) S395 Uniprot
Q86XL3 (ANKLE2) S528 Uniprot
Q86YP4 (GATAD2A) S598 Uniprot
Q86YP4 (GATAD2A) S600 Uniprot
Q8IWS0 (PHF6) S154 Uniprot
Q8IWS0 (PHF6) S155 Uniprot
Q8IXJ6-2 (SIRT2) S331 Uniprot
Q8IXJ6 (SIRT2) S368 Uniprot
Q8IXM2 (BAP18) S96 Uniprot
Q8IXM2 (BAP18) S106 Uniprot
Q8IXM2 (BAP18) S110 Uniprot
Q8IXQ3 (C9orf40) S67 Uniprot
Q8IXQ3 (C9orf40) S69 Uniprot
Q8IXQ3 (C9orf40) S71 Uniprot
Q8IYB3 (SRRM1) S769 Uniprot
Q8IYB3 (SRRM1) S773 Uniprot
Q8IZL8 (PELP1) S477 Uniprot
Q8IZL8 (PELP1) S991 Uniprot
Q8N3F8 (MICALL1) T469 Uniprot
Q8N3F8 (MICALL1) S470 Uniprot
Q8N3F8 (MICALL1) S471 Uniprot
Q8N3F8 (MICALL1) S619 Uniprot
Q8N3F8 (MICALL1) S620 Uniprot
Q8N3F8 (MICALL1) S621 Uniprot
Q8NBZ0 (INO80E) S154 Uniprot
Q8NFC6 (BOD1L1) S2905 Uniprot
Q8NFC6 (BOD1L1) S2907 Uniprot
Q8NFC6 (BOD1L1) S2908 Uniprot
Q8NFC6 (BOD1L1) S2909 Uniprot
Q8TAP6 (CEP76) S83 Uniprot
Q8TAP8 (PPP1R35) S45 Uniprot
Q8TAP8 (PPP1R35) S47 Uniprot
Q8TAP8 (PPP1R35) S52 Uniprot
Q8WUM0 (NUP133) S27 Uniprot
Q8WUM0 (NUP133) T28 Uniprot
Q8WUM0 (NUP133) S50 Uniprot
Q8WWY3 (PRPF31) S445 Uniprot
Q8WWY3 (PRPF31) S446 Uniprot
Q8WWY3 (PRPF31) S450 Uniprot
Q8WWY3 (PRPF31) S451 Uniprot
Q8WWY3 (PRPF31) T455 Uniprot
Q8WXE1 (ATRIP) S224 Uniprot
Q8WXE1 (ATRIP) S239 Uniprot
Q8WYH8 (ING5) T152 Uniprot
Q92547 (TOPBP1) T848 Uniprot
Q92620 (DHX38) S232 Uniprot
Q92620 (DHX38) S234 Uniprot
Q92785 (DPF2) T176 Uniprot
Q92785 (DPF2) T248 Uniprot
Q92785 (DPF2) S251 Uniprot
Q969V6 (MRTFA) T573 Uniprot
Q96C19 (EFHD2) S74 Uniprot
Q96C19 (EFHD2) S76 Uniprot
Q96C36 (PYCR2) T301 Uniprot
Q96C36 (PYCR2) S303 Uniprot
Q96C36 (PYCR2) S304 Uniprot
Q96E09 (FAM122A) S143 Uniprot
Q96EA4 (SPDL1) S513 Uniprot
Q96EA4 (SPDL1) S515 Uniprot
Q96II8 (LRCH3) S419 Uniprot
Q96KS0 (EGLN2) S130 Uniprot
Q96RK0 (CIC) T583 Uniprot
Q96RK0 (CIC) S585 Uniprot
Q96T88 (UHRF1) S661 Uniprot
Q96T88-2 (UHRF1) S674 Uniprot
Q99459 (CDC5L) S410 Uniprot
Q99459 (CDC5L) T411 Uniprot
Q99504 (EYA3) S266 Uniprot
Q99504 (EYA3) T268 Uniprot
Q99504 (EYA3) T269 Uniprot
Q99504 (EYA3) S271 Uniprot
Q99607 (ELF4) T643 Uniprot
Q99607 (ELF4) S648 Uniprot
Q99626 (CDX2) S283 Uniprot
Q99626 (CDX2) S287 Uniprot
Q99626 (CDX2) S291 Uniprot
Q99638 (RAD9A) S328 Uniprot
Q99708 (RBBP8) T315 Uniprot
Q99708 (RBBP8) T847 Uniprot
Q99728 (BARD1) S148 Uniprot
Q99728 (BARD1) S251 Uniprot
Q99728 (BARD1) S288 Uniprot
Q99728 (BARD1) T299 Uniprot
Q99741 (CDC6) S54 Uniprot
Q99741 (CDC6) S74 Uniprot
Q99741 (CDC6) S106 Uniprot
Q9BUJ2 (HNRNPUL1) S716 Uniprot
Q9BUJ2 (HNRNPUL1) S718 Uniprot
Q9BVC5 (C2orf49) S193 Uniprot
Q9BVC5 (C2orf49) T197 Uniprot
Q9BVC5 (C2orf49) T198 Uniprot
Q9BXR0 (QTRT1) S139 Uniprot
Q9BY44 (EIF2A) S517 Uniprot
Q9BY44 (EIF2A) T518 Uniprot
Q9BZL4 (PPP1R12C) S509 Uniprot
Q9C0C2 (TNKS1BP1) S435 Uniprot
Q9C0C2 (TNKS1BP1) S437 Uniprot
Q9C0C2 (TNKS1BP1) S691 Uniprot
Q9C0C9 (UBE2O) S836 Uniprot
Q9C0D5 (TANC1) S1564 Uniprot
Q9H1E3 (NUCKS1) S181 Uniprot
Q9H211 (CDT1) T29 Uniprot
Q9H211 (CDT1) S31 Uniprot
Q9H2G4 (TSPYL2) S20 Uniprot
Q9H2G4 (TSPYL2) T340 Uniprot
Q9H3D4 (TP63) S477 Uniprot
Q9H3D4 (TP63) T491 Uniprot
Q9H3D4 (TP63) S560 Uniprot
Q9H3P2 (NELFA) T157 Uniprot
Q9H425 (C1orf198) S37 Uniprot
Q9H6K1 (ILRUN) S215 Uniprot
Q9H7L9 (SUDS3) S234 Uniprot
Q9H7L9 (SUDS3) S236 Uniprot
Q9H7L9 (SUDS3) S237 Uniprot
Q9H7L9 (SUDS3) T244 Uniprot
Q9H8Y8 (GORASP2) T225 Uniprot
Q9H910 (JPT2) S97 Uniprot
Q9H9C1 (VIPAS39) S130 Uniprot
Q9H9C1 (VIPAS39) T132 Uniprot
Q9NP87 (POLM) S372 Uniprot
Q9NPF5 (DMAP1) T445 Uniprot
Q9NPF5 (DMAP1) S448 Uniprot
Q9NS91 (RAD18) S99 Uniprot
Q9NSV4 (DIAPH3) T19 Uniprot
Q9NTI5 (PDS5B) S1369 Uniprot
Q9NTI5 (PDS5B) T1370 Uniprot
Q9NXR1 (NDE1) T228 Uniprot
Q9NYB0 (TERF2IP) S203 Uniprot
Q9NYV6 (RRN3) S44 Uniprot
Q9NZJ0 (DTL) S428 Uniprot
Q9NZJ0 (DTL) T429 Uniprot
Q9P270 (SLAIN2) S48 Uniprot
Q9P2B4 (CTTNBP2NL) S563 Uniprot
Q9P2D1 (CHD7) S2471 Uniprot
Q9P2D1 (CHD7) T2472 Uniprot
Q9P2N5 (RBM27) T796 Uniprot
Q9P2N5 (RBM27) S798 Uniprot
Q9UEY8 (ADD3) S423 Uniprot
Q9UFC0 (LRWD1) S243 Uniprot
Q9UFC0 (LRWD1) S245 Uniprot
Q9UGP5 (POLL) S167 Uniprot
Q9UGP5 (POLL) S177 Uniprot
Q9UGP5 (POLL) S230 Uniprot
Q9UGP5 (POLL) T553 Uniprot
Q9UIF9 (BAZ2A) S509 Uniprot
Q9UIF9 (BAZ2A) S1183 Uniprot
Q9UIF9 (BAZ2A) S1184 Uniprot
Q9UJU6 (DBNL) S274 Uniprot
Q9UJU6 (DBNL) S275 Uniprot
Q9UKM9 (RALY) S135 Uniprot
Q9UKY1 (ZHX1) T568 Uniprot
Q9ULW0 (TPX2) T72 Uniprot
Q9ULX3 (NOB1) T121 Uniprot
Q9UM11 (FZR1) S40 Uniprot
Q9UM11 (FZR1) T121 Uniprot
Q9UM11 (FZR1) S151 Uniprot
Q9UM11 (FZR1) S163 Uniprot
Q9UPN3 (MACF1) T7213 Uniprot
Q9UQR0 (SCML2) T305 Uniprot
Q9UQR0 (SCML2) S511 Uniprot
Q9UQR0 (SCML2) S590 Uniprot
Q9Y266 (NUDC) S136 Uniprot
Q9Y266 (NUDC) S139 Uniprot
Q9Y2J2 (EPB41L3) T466 Uniprot
Q9Y2J2 (EPB41L3) T467 Uniprot
Q9Y2J2 (EPB41L3) S960 Uniprot
Q9Y2J2 (EPB41L3) S962 Uniprot
Q9Y2K7 (KDM2A) T550 Uniprot
Q9Y2W1 (THRAP3) T874 Uniprot
Q9Y314 (NOSIP) S166 Uniprot
Q9Y314 (NOSIP) T168 Uniprot
Q9Y3Z3 (SAMHD1) T592 Uniprot
Q9Y676 (MRPS18B) S49 Uniprot

Research Backgrounds


Serine/threonine-protein kinase involved in the control of the cell cycle; essential for meiosis, but dispensable for mitosis. Phosphorylates CTNNB1, USP37, p53/TP53, NPM1, CDK7, RB1, BRCA2, MYC, NPAT, EZH2. Triggers duplication of centrosomes and DNA. Acts at the G1-S transition to promote the E2F transcriptional program and the initiation of DNA synthesis, and modulates G2 progression; controls the timing of entry into mitosis/meiosis by controlling the subsequent activation of cyclin B/CDK1 by phosphorylation, and coordinates the activation of cyclin B/CDK1 at the centrosome and in the nucleus. Crucial role in orchestrating a fine balance between cellular proliferation, cell death, and DNA repair in human embryonic stem cells (hESCs). Activity of CDK2 is maximal during S phase and G2; activated by interaction with cyclin E during the early stages of DNA synthesis to permit G1-S transition, and subsequently activated by cyclin A2 (cyclin A1 in germ cells) during the late stages of DNA replication to drive the transition from S phase to mitosis, the G2 phase. EZH2 phosphorylation promotes H3K27me3 maintenance and epigenetic gene silencing. Phosphorylates CABLES1 (By similarity). Cyclin E/CDK2 prevents oxidative stress-mediated Ras-induced senescence by phosphorylating MYC. Involved in G1-S phase DNA damage checkpoint that prevents cells with damaged DNA from initiating mitosis; regulates homologous recombination-dependent repair by phosphorylating BRCA2, this phosphorylation is low in S phase when recombination is active, but increases as cells progress towards mitosis. In response to DNA damage, double-strand break repair by homologous recombination a reduction of CDK2-mediated BRCA2 phosphorylation. Phosphorylation of RB1 disturbs its interaction with E2F1. NPM1 phosphorylation by cyclin E/CDK2 promotes its dissociates from unduplicated centrosomes, thus initiating centrosome duplication. Cyclin E/CDK2-mediated phosphorylation of NPAT at G1-S transition and until prophase stimulates the NPAT-mediated activation of histone gene transcription during S phase. Required for vitamin D-mediated growth inhibition by being itself inactivated. Involved in the nitric oxide- (NO) mediated signaling in a nitrosylation/activation-dependent manner. USP37 is activated by phosphorylation and thus triggers G1-S transition. CTNNB1 phosphorylation regulates insulin internalization. Phosphorylates FOXP3 and negatively regulates its transcriptional activity and protein stability (By similarity). Phosphorylates CDK2AP2. Phosphorylates ERCC6 which is essential for its chromatin remodeling activity at DNA double-strand breaks.


Phosphorylated at Thr-160 by CDK7 in a CAK complex. Phosphorylation at Thr-160 promotes kinase activity, whereas phosphorylation at Tyr-15 by WEE1 reduces slightly kinase activity. Phosphorylated on Thr-14 and Tyr-15 during S and G2 phases before being dephosphorylated by CDC25A.

Nitrosylated after treatment with nitric oxide (DETA-NO).

Subcellular Location:

Cytoplasm>Cytoskeleton>Microtubule organizing center>Centrosome. Nucleus>Cajal body. Cytoplasm. Endosome.
Note: Localized at the centrosomes in late G2 phase after separation of the centrosomes but before the start of prophase. Nuclear-cytoplasmic trafficking is mediated during the inhibition by 1,25-(OH)(2)D(3).

Extracellular region or secreted Cytosol Plasma membrane Cytoskeleton Lysosome Endosome Peroxisome ER Golgi apparatus Nucleus Mitochondrion Manual annotation Automatic computational assertionSubcellular location
Subunit Structure:

Found in a complex with CABLES1, CCNA1 and CCNE1. Interacts with CABLES1 (By similarity). Interacts with UHRF2. Part of a complex consisting of UHRF2, CDK2 and CCNE1. Interacts with the Speedy/Ringo proteins SPDYA and SPDYC. Interaction with SPDYA promotes kinase activation via a conformation change that alleviates obstruction of the substrate-binding cleft by the T-loop. Found in a complex with both SPDYA and CDKN1B/KIP1. Binds to RB1 and CDK7. Binding to CDKN1A (p21) leads to CDK2/cyclin E inactivation at the G1-S phase DNA damage checkpoint, thereby arresting cells at the G1-S transition during DNA repair. Associated with PTPN6 and beta-catenin/CTNNB1. Interacts with CACUL1. May interact with CEP63. Interacts with ANKRD17. Interacts with CEBPA (when phosphorylated). Forms a ternary complex with CCNA2 and CDKN1B; CDKN1B inhibits the kinase activity of CDK2 through conformational rearrangements. Interacts with cyclins A, B1, B3, D, or E. Interacts with CDK2AP2.


Belongs to the protein kinase superfamily. CMGC Ser/Thr protein kinase family. CDC2/CDKX subfamily.

Research Fields

· Cellular Processes > Cell growth and death > Cell cycle.   (View pathway)

· Cellular Processes > Cell growth and death > Oocyte meiosis.   (View pathway)

· Cellular Processes > Cell growth and death > p53 signaling pathway.   (View pathway)

· Cellular Processes > Cell growth and death > Cellular senescence.   (View pathway)

· Environmental Information Processing > Signal transduction > FoxO signaling pathway.   (View pathway)

· Environmental Information Processing > Signal transduction > PI3K-Akt signaling pathway.   (View pathway)

· Human Diseases > Infectious diseases: Viral > Hepatitis B.

· Human Diseases > Infectious diseases: Viral > Measles.

· Human Diseases > Infectious diseases: Viral > Human papillomavirus infection.

· Human Diseases > Infectious diseases: Viral > Herpes simplex infection.

· Human Diseases > Infectious diseases: Viral > Epstein-Barr virus infection.

· Human Diseases > Cancers: Overview > Pathways in cancer.   (View pathway)

· Human Diseases > Cancers: Overview > Viral carcinogenesis.

· Human Diseases > Cancers: Specific types > Prostate cancer.   (View pathway)

· Human Diseases > Cancers: Specific types > Small cell lung cancer.   (View pathway)

· Human Diseases > Cancers: Specific types > Gastric cancer.   (View pathway)

· Organismal Systems > Endocrine system > Progesterone-mediated oocyte maturation.


1). Rictor regulates the vasculogenic mimicry of melanoma via the AKT-MMP-2/9 pathway. Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, 2017 (PubMed: 28699701) [IF=5.3]

Application: WB    Species: human    Sample:

Fig. 3 Knockdown of Rictor inhibits melanoma cells proliferation and blocked the cell cycle in G2/M phase. (A) Cell viability of A375 and MUM-2B cells after Rictor knockdown evaluated by MTT assay (*P < 0.05, **P < 0.01). (B) Cell cycle of A375 and MUM-2B cells after Rictor knockdown examined by FCM. (C) The expression of p-CDK2 and p-Histone H3 induced by knockdown of Rictor.

2). T‐17, a novel cyclin‐dependent kinases/histone deacetylases dual inhibitor, induces cancer cells death through cell cycle arrest and apoptosis. DRUG DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH, 2022 (PubMed: 35844039) [IF=3.8]

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