Product: CDK1/CDC2 Antibody
Catalog: AF6108
Description: Rabbit polyclonal antibody to CDK1/CDC2
Application: WB IF/ICC
Reactivity: Human, Mouse, Rat
Prediction: Pig, Zebrafish, Bovine, Horse, Rabbit, Dog, Chicken, Xenopus
Mol.Wt.: 34kDa; 34kD(Calculated).
Uniprot: P06493
RRID: AB_2834995

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Product Info

WB 1:500-1:2000, IF/ICC 1:100-1:500
*The optimal dilutions should be determined by the end user.

WB: For western blot detection of denatured protein samples. IHC: For immunohistochemical detection of paraffin sections (IHC-p) or frozen sections (IHC-f) of tissue samples. IF/ICC: For immunofluorescence detection of cell samples. ELISA(peptide): For ELISA detection of antigenic peptide.

Pig(100%), Zebrafish(100%), Bovine(100%), Horse(100%), Rabbit(100%), Dog(100%), Chicken(100%), Xenopus(100%)
CDK1/CDC2 Antibody detects endogenous levels of total CDK1/CDC2.
Cite Format: Affinity Biosciences Cat# AF6108, RRID:AB_2834995.
The antiserum was purified by peptide affinity chromatography using SulfoLink™ Coupling Resin (Thermo Fisher Scientific).
Rabbit IgG in phosphate buffered saline , pH 7.4, 150mM NaCl, 0.02% sodium azide and 50% glycerol. Store at -20 °C. Stable for 12 months from date of receipt.


Cdc 2; Cdc2; CDC28A; CDK 1; CDK1; CDK1_HUMAN; CDKN1; CELL CYCLE CONTROLLER CDC2; Cell division control protein 2; Cell division control protein 2 homolog; Cell division cycle 2 G1 to S and G2 to M; Cell division protein kinase 1; Cell Divsion Cycle 2 Protein; Cyclin Dependent Kinase 1; Cyclin-dependent kinase 1; DKFZp686L20222; MGC111195; p34 Cdk1; p34 protein kinase; P34CDC2;


P06493 CDK1_HUMAN:

Isoform 2 is found in breast cancer tissues.

The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the Ser/Thr protein kinase family. This protein is a catalytic subunit of the highly conserved protein kinase complex known as M-phase promoting factor (MPF), which is essential for G1/S and G2/M phase transitions of eukaryotic cell cycle. Mitotic cyclins stably associate with this protein and function as regulatory subunits.



Score>80(red) has high confidence and is suggested to be used for WB detection. *The prediction model is mainly based on the alignment of immunogen sequences, the results are for reference only, not as the basis of quality assurance.

Model Confidence:
High(score>80) Medium(80>score>50) Low(score<50) No confidence

PTMs - P06493 As Substrate

Site PTM Type Enzyme
M1 Acetylation
Y4 Phosphorylation P19525 (EIF2AK2)
T5 Phosphorylation
K6 Acetylation
K6 Sumoylation
K6 Ubiquitination
K9 Acetylation
K9 Sumoylation
K9 Ubiquitination
T14 Phosphorylation Q99640 (PKMYT1)
Y15 Phosphorylation P12931 (SRC) , P30291 (WEE1) , Q99640 (PKMYT1) , P04626 (ERBB2) , P07948 (LYN)
Y19 Phosphorylation
K20 Ubiquitination
K24 Sumoylation
K24 Ubiquitination
K33 Acetylation
K33 Sumoylation
K33 Ubiquitination
K34 Acetylation
K34 Sumoylation
K34 Ubiquitination
S39 Phosphorylation P68400 (CSNK2A1)
S46 Phosphorylation
S53 Phosphorylation
K56 Ubiquitination
Y77 Phosphorylation
K89 Ubiquitination
C119 S-Nitrosylation
S121 Phosphorylation
K130 Sumoylation
K130 Ubiquitination
K139 Sumoylation
K139 Ubiquitination
T141 Phosphorylation
K143 Ubiquitination
Y160 Phosphorylation
T161 Phosphorylation P41279 (MAP3K8) , P50613 (CDK7)
S171 Phosphorylation
S178 Phosphorylation
K201 Sumoylation
K201 Ubiquitination
S208 Phosphorylation O14757 (CHEK1)
T222 Phosphorylation
S233 Phosphorylation
K238 Sumoylation
K238 Ubiquitination
T240 Phosphorylation
K243 Ubiquitination
K245 Sumoylation
K245 Ubiquitination
S248 Phosphorylation
K254 Sumoylation
K254 Ubiquitination
S265 Phosphorylation
K266 Ubiquitination
Y270 Phosphorylation
K274 Ubiquitination
S277 Phosphorylation
K279 Sumoylation
K279 Ubiquitination
Y286 Phosphorylation
K295 Sumoylation
K295 Ubiquitination
K296 Ubiquitination

PTMs - P06493 As Enzyme

Substrate Site Source
A6NKT7 (RGPD3) S1276 Uniprot
O00267 (SUPT5H) S666 Uniprot
O00311 (CDC7) T376 Uniprot
O00399 (DCTN6) T186 Uniprot
O00418 (EEF2K) S359 Uniprot
O00429 (DNM1L) S616 Uniprot
O00443 (PIK3C2A) S259 Uniprot
O00562 (PITPNM1) T287 Uniprot
O00562 (PITPNM1) S382 Uniprot
O00571 (DDX3X) T204 Uniprot
O00571 (DDX3X) T323 Uniprot
O14715 (RGPD8) S1275 Uniprot
O14745 (SLC9A3R1) S280 Uniprot
O14745 (SLC9A3R1) S302 Uniprot
O14757 (CHEK1) S286 Uniprot
O14757 (CHEK1) S301 Uniprot
O14773 (TPP1) T201 Uniprot
O14974 (PPP1R12A) S432 Uniprot
O14974 (PPP1R12A) S473 Uniprot
O14974 (PPP1R12A) S601 Uniprot
O14980 (XPO1) S391 Uniprot
O14994 (SYN3) S470 Uniprot
O15151 (MDM4) S96 Uniprot
O15287 (FANCG) S383 Uniprot
O15287 (FANCG) S387 Uniprot
O15287 (FANCG) T487 Uniprot
O15350-1 (TP73) T86 Uniprot
O15392 (BIRC5) T34 Uniprot
O15446 (CD3EAP) S285 Uniprot
O43521-2 (BCL2L11) S44 Uniprot
O43663 (PRC1) T481 Uniprot
O43683 (BUB1) S593 Uniprot
O43683 (BUB1) T609 Uniprot
O60331 (PIP5K1C) S650 Uniprot
O60566 (BUB1B) S543 Uniprot
O60566 (BUB1B) T620 Uniprot
O60566 (BUB1B) S670 Uniprot
O60566 (BUB1B) S1043 Uniprot
O60610 (DIAPH1) T768 Uniprot
O60701 (UGDH) T461 Uniprot
O75122 (CLASP2) S507 Uniprot
O75122 (CLASP2) S541 Uniprot
O75152 (ZC3H11A) T321 Uniprot
O75154 (RAB11FIP3) S102 Uniprot
O94782 (USP1) S313 Uniprot
O94916 (NFAT5) T135 Uniprot
O95251 (KAT7) T85 Uniprot
O95251 (KAT7) T88 Uniprot
O95835-1 (LATS1) T490 Uniprot
O95835 (LATS1) S613 Uniprot
O95997 (PTTG1) S165 Uniprot
P00338 (LDHA) T248 Uniprot
P00519-1 (ABL1) S569 Uniprot
P00519-2 (ABL1) S588 Uniprot
P00533 (EGFR) S1026 Uniprot
P02545-3 (LMNA) T19 Uniprot
P02545-1 (LMNA) S22 Uniprot
P02545 (LMNA) S390 Uniprot
P02545 (LMNA) S392 Uniprot
P04179 (SOD2) S106 Uniprot
P04183 (TK1) S13 Uniprot
P04637 (TP53) S315 Uniprot
P05067 (APP) T743 Uniprot
P05412 (JUN) S63 Uniprot
P05412 (JUN) S73 Uniprot
P05412 (JUN) S243 Uniprot
P05783 (KRT18) S34 Uniprot
P05787 (KRT8) S432 Uniprot
P06400 (RB1) S249 Uniprot
P06400 (RB1) T252 Uniprot
P06400 (RB1) T373 Uniprot
P06400 (RB1) S807 Uniprot
P06400 (RB1) S811 Uniprot
P06493-2 (CDK1) Y19 Uniprot
P06748 (NPM1) S70 Uniprot
P06748 (NPM1) T199 Uniprot
P06748-2 (NPM1) T205 Uniprot
P06748-2 (NPM1) T208 Uniprot
P06748-1 (NPM1) T219 Uniprot
P06748 (NPM1) T234 Uniprot
P06748 (NPM1) T237 Uniprot
P08047 (SP1) T739 Uniprot
P08670 (VIM) S55 Uniprot
P08670 (VIM) S56 Uniprot
P0C1Z6 (TFPT) S180 Uniprot
P10275 (AR) S83 Uniprot
P10275 (AR) S310 Uniprot
P10275 (AR) S516 Uniprot
P10412 (HIST1H1E) T18 Uniprot
P10415 (BCL2) T56 Uniprot
P10415 (BCL2) S70 Uniprot
P10636-6 (MAPT) T95 Uniprot
P10636-8 (MAPT) T153 Uniprot
P10636-8 (MAPT) S202 Uniprot
P10636-8 (MAPT) T205 Uniprot
P10636-8 (MAPT) T212 Uniprot
P10636-8 (MAPT) T231 Uniprot
P10636-8 (MAPT) S235 Uniprot
P10636-8 (MAPT) S404 Uniprot
P11171-2 (EPB41) T60 Uniprot
P11171-2 (EPB41) S679 Uniprot
P11387 (TOP1) S112 Uniprot
P11387 (TOP1) S394 Uniprot
P11388 (TOP2A) S1213 Uniprot
P11388 (TOP2A) S1247 Uniprot
P11388 (TOP2A) S1354 Uniprot
P11388 (TOP2A) S1361 Uniprot
P11388 (TOP2A) S1393 Uniprot
P12270 (TPR) S2073 Uniprot
P12272 (PTHLH) T108 Uniprot
P12272 (PTHLH) T121 Uniprot
P13051 (UNG) S64 Uniprot
P14136-1 (GFAP) S8 Uniprot
P14635 (CCNB1) S126 Uniprot
P14635 (CCNB1) S128 Uniprot
P15172 (MYOD1) S5 Uniprot
P15172 (MYOD1) S200 Uniprot
P15531 (NME1) T94 Uniprot
P15531 (NME1) S120 Uniprot
P15927 (RPA2) S23 Uniprot
P15927 (RPA2) S29 Uniprot
P15927 (RPA2) S33 Uniprot
P16220 (CREB1) S270 Uniprot
P16220 (CREB1) S271 Uniprot
P16949 (STMN1) S25 Uniprot
P16949-1 (STMN1) S38 Uniprot
P17096 (HMGA1) S36 Uniprot
P17096-2 (HMGA1) T42 Uniprot
P17096 (HMGA1) T53 Uniprot
P17096-2 (HMGA1) T67 Uniprot
P17096 (HMGA1) T78 Uniprot
P17302 (GJA1) S255 Uniprot
P17661 (DES) S32 Uniprot
P17676 (CEBPB) S76 Uniprot
P17706-2 (PTPN2) S304 Uniprot
P18031 (PTPN1) S386 Uniprot
P18754-1 (RCC1) S2 Uniprot
P18754 (RCC1) S11 Uniprot
P18754 (RCC1) T274 Uniprot
P18754 (RCC1) S387 Uniprot
P18858 (LIG1) S76 Uniprot
P19338 (NCL) T121 Uniprot
P19338 (NCL) T641 Uniprot
P19338 (NCL) T707 Uniprot
P20338 (RAB4A) S204 Uniprot
P20700 (LMNB1) S23 Uniprot
P20700 (LMNB1) S393 Uniprot
P21333 (FLNA) S1084 Uniprot
P21333 (FLNA) S1436 Uniprot
P21333 (FLNA) S1459 Uniprot
P21333 (FLNA) S1533 Uniprot
P21333 (FLNA) S1630 Uniprot
P22234 (PAICS) S27 Uniprot
P22314-1 (UBA1) S4 Uniprot
P22314-1 (UBA1) S835 Uniprot
P22392 (NME2) T94 Uniprot
P23396 (RPS3) T221 Uniprot
P23443 (RPS6KB1) S394 Uniprot
P23443 (RPS6KB1) S434 Uniprot
P23443 (RPS6KB1) T444 Uniprot
P23443 (RPS6KB1) S447 Uniprot
P23769 (GATA2) T176 Uniprot
P24928 (POLR2A) S1920 Uniprot
P24928 (POLR2A) S1934 Uniprot
P25205 (MCM3) S112 Uniprot
P26358 (DNMT1) S154 Uniprot
P26368 (U2AF2) S79 Uniprot
P27361-3 (MAPK3) S343 Uniprot
P27816 (MAP4) S696 Uniprot
P27816 (MAP4) S787 Uniprot
P27816 (MAP4) T892 Uniprot
P27816 (MAP4) T901 Uniprot
P27816 (MAP4) T917 Uniprot
P27824 (CANX) S583 Uniprot
P29590 (PML) S518 Uniprot
P29692 (EEF1D) S133 Uniprot
P30101 (PDIA3) S456 Uniprot
P30260 (CDC27) T205 Uniprot
P30260 (CDC27) T209 Uniprot
P30260 (CDC27) S222 Uniprot
P30260 (CDC27) T289 Uniprot
P30260 (CDC27) S312 Uniprot
P30260 (CDC27) T329 Uniprot
P30260 (CDC27) T343 Uniprot
P30260 (CDC27) S364 Uniprot
P30260 (CDC27) S426 Uniprot
P30260 (CDC27) T430 Uniprot
P30260 (CDC27) S434 Uniprot
P30260 (CDC27) S435 Uniprot
P30260 (CDC27) T446 Uniprot
P30291 (WEE1) S123 Uniprot
P30304 (CDC25A) S18 Uniprot
P30304 (CDC25A) S116 Uniprot
P30305-2 (CDC25B) S146 Uniprot
P30305 (CDC25B) S160 Uniprot
P30305-2 (CDC25B) S307 Uniprot
P30305 (CDC25B) S321 Uniprot
P30307 (CDC25C) T48 Uniprot
P30307 (CDC25C) T67 Uniprot
P30307-1 (CDC25C) S122 Uniprot
P30307 (CDC25C) T130 Uniprot
P30307 (CDC25C) S168 Uniprot
P30307 (CDC25C) S214 Uniprot
P31350-1 (RRM2) S20 Uniprot
P31350 (RRM2) T33 Uniprot
P31948 (STIP1) T198 Uniprot
P31948 (STIP1) T332 Uniprot
P33316-2 (DUT) S11 Uniprot
P33316 (DUT) S99 Uniprot
P33991 (MCM4) T7 Uniprot
P33991 (MCM4) T19 Uniprot
P33991 (MCM4) S32 Uniprot
P33991 (MCM4) S88 Uniprot
P33991 (MCM4) T110 Uniprot
P33993 (MCM7) S121 Uniprot
P35251 (RFC1) T506 Uniprot
P35251 (RFC1) S518 Uniprot
P35611 (ADD1) S12 Uniprot
P35611 (ADD1) S355 Uniprot
P36956 (SREBF1) S439 Uniprot
P38398 (BRCA1) S1189 Uniprot
P38398 (BRCA1) S1191 Uniprot
P38398 (BRCA1) S1497 Uniprot
P39748 (FEN1) S187 Uniprot
P39880-1 (CUX1) S1237 Uniprot
P39880 (CUX1) S1270 Uniprot
P40763 (STAT3) S727 Uniprot
P42166 (TMPO) S424 Uniprot
P43307 (SSR1) S268 Uniprot
P46013 (MKI67) T761 Uniprot
P46013 (MKI67) T1943 Uniprot
P46060 (RANGAP1) T409 Uniprot
P46060 (RANGAP1) S428 Uniprot
P46060 (RANGAP1) S442 Uniprot
P46937 (YAP1) T119 Uniprot
P46937 (YAP1) S289 Uniprot
P46937 (YAP1) S367 Uniprot
P47736-1 (RAP1GAP) S484 Uniprot
P48200 (IREB2) S157 Uniprot
P48681 (NES) T315 Uniprot
P49418-1 (AMPH) S272 Uniprot
P49418-1 (AMPH) S276 Uniprot
P49418 (AMPH) S285 Uniprot
P49450 (CENPA) S68 Uniprot
P49459-2 (UBE2A) S90 Uniprot
P49459 (UBE2A) S120 Uniprot
P49715 (CEBPA) S21 Uniprot
P49715 (CEBPA) S234 Uniprot
P49792 (RANBP2) T2153 Uniprot
P49792 (RANBP2) S2246 Uniprot
P49792 (RANBP2) S2251 Uniprot
P49792 (RANBP2) S2276 Uniprot
P49792 (RANBP2) S2280 Uniprot
P49915 (GMPS) T318 Uniprot
P49916 (LIG3) T191 Uniprot
P49916 (LIG3) S210 Uniprot
P49916 (LIG3) S913 Uniprot
P50570 (DNM2) S764 Uniprot
P50570 (DNM2) T766 Uniprot
P50613 (CDK7) S164 Uniprot
P50613 (CDK7) T170 Uniprot
P51587 (BRCA2) S3291 Uniprot
P52732 (KIF11) T926 Uniprot
P52926 (HMGA2) S44 Uniprot
P52926 (HMGA2) S59 Uniprot
P52948-2 (NUP98) T529 Uniprot
P52948-2 (NUP98) T536 Uniprot
P52948-2 (NUP98) S595 Uniprot
P52948-2 (NUP98) S606 Uniprot
P52948 (NUP98) S612 Uniprot
P52948 (NUP98) S623 Uniprot
P52948-2 (NUP98) T653 Uniprot
P52948 (NUP98) T670 Uniprot
P54132 (BLM) S714 Uniprot
P54132 (BLM) T766 Uniprot
P54274 (TERF1) T344 Uniprot
P54274 (TERF1) T371 Uniprot
P54578 (USP14) T235 Uniprot
P55211 (CASP9) T125 Uniprot
P61020-1 (RAB5B) S123 Uniprot
P61978 (HNRNPK) S216 Uniprot
P62136 (PPP1CA) T320 Uniprot
P63279 (UBE2I) S71 Uniprot
P67870 (CSNK2B) S209 Uniprot
P68400-2 (CSNK2A1) T208 Uniprot
P68400-2 (CSNK2A1) T224 Uniprot
P68400-2 (CSNK2A1) S226 Uniprot
P68400-2 (CSNK2A1) S234 Uniprot
P68400 (CSNK2A1) T344 Uniprot
P68400 (CSNK2A1) T360 Uniprot
P68400 (CSNK2A1) S362 Uniprot
P68400 (CSNK2A1) S370 Uniprot
P82970 (HMGN5) T31 Uniprot
Q01094 (E2F1) S332 Uniprot
Q01094 (E2F1) S337 Uniprot
Q01167 (FOXK2) S373 Uniprot
Q01167 (FOXK2) S428 Uniprot
Q01196 (RUNX1) S21 Uniprot
Q01196 (RUNX1) S249 Uniprot
Q01196 (RUNX1) S266 Uniprot
Q01196 (RUNX1) T273 Uniprot
Q01196-8 (RUNX1) S276 Uniprot
Q01196-8 (RUNX1) S293 Uniprot
Q01196-8 (RUNX1) T300 Uniprot
Q01196-8 (RUNX1) S303 Uniprot
Q01196 (RUNX1) S397 Uniprot
Q01196-8 (RUNX1) S424 Uniprot
Q01581 (HMGCS1) S495 Uniprot
Q02539 (HIST1H1A) T4 Uniprot
Q02750 (MAP2K1) T286 Uniprot
Q02750 (MAP2K1) T292 Uniprot
Q02880 (TOP2B) S1424 Uniprot
Q02952 (AKAP12) T767 Uniprot
Q03060-16 (CREM) S87 Uniprot
Q03060-16 (CREM) S110 Uniprot
Q03060-6 (CREM) S136 Uniprot
Q04637 (EIF4G1) S1231 Uniprot
Q05682-5 (CALD1) T377 Uniprot
Q05682-4 (CALD1) T383 Uniprot
Q05682-3 (CALD1) T403 Uniprot
Q05682-6 (CALD1) T409 Uniprot
Q05682-5 (CALD1) S463 Uniprot
Q05682-4 (CALD1) S469 Uniprot
Q05682-5 (CALD1) T469 Uniprot
Q05682-4 (CALD1) T475 Uniprot
Q05682-5 (CALD1) S483 Uniprot
Q05682-3 (CALD1) S489 Uniprot
Q05682-6 (CALD1) S494 Uniprot
Q05682-3 (CALD1) T495 Uniprot
Q05682-5 (CALD1) S498 Uniprot
Q05682-6 (CALD1) T500 Uniprot
Q05682-4 (CALD1) S504 Uniprot
Q05682-3 (CALD1) S509 Uniprot
Q05682-6 (CALD1) S514 Uniprot
Q05682-3 (CALD1) S524 Uniprot
Q05682-6 (CALD1) S529 Uniprot
Q05682-1 (CALD1) T638 Uniprot
Q05682-1 (CALD1) S724 Uniprot
Q05682-1 (CALD1) T730 Uniprot
Q05682-1 (CALD1) S744 Uniprot
Q05682-1 (CALD1) S759 Uniprot
Q06413 (MEF2C) S396 Uniprot
Q06481 (APLP2) T736 Uniprot
Q06830 (PRDX1) T90 Uniprot
Q07666 (KHDRBS1) T317 Uniprot
Q07820 (MCL1) S64 Uniprot
Q07820 (MCL1) T92 Uniprot
Q08050 (FOXM1) S251 Uniprot
Q08050-2 (FOXM1) T596 Uniprot
Q08050 (FOXM1) T600 Uniprot
Q08050-1 (FOXM1) T611 Uniprot
Q08050 (FOXM1) T620 Uniprot
Q08050-3 (FOXM1) T649 Uniprot
Q08379 (GOLGA2) S37 Uniprot
Q09472 (EP300) S1038 Uniprot
Q09472 (EP300) S2039 Uniprot
Q09666 (AHNAK) S5763 Uniprot
Q12778 (FOXO1) S249 Uniprot
Q12888 (TP53BP1) T1609 Uniprot
Q12888 (TP53BP1) S1678 Uniprot
Q12959 (DLG1) S158 Uniprot
Q12959 (DLG1) S443 Uniprot
Q13042 (CDC16) S112 Uniprot
Q13042 (CDC16) S560 Uniprot
Q13042 (CDC16) T581 Uniprot
Q13188 (STK3) S385 Uniprot
Q13415 (ORC1) S258 Uniprot
Q13415 (ORC1) S273 Uniprot
Q13415 (ORC1) T375 Uniprot
Q13428 (TCOF1) S156 Uniprot
Q13428 (TCOF1) S583 Uniprot
Q13428 (TCOF1) T983 Uniprot
Q13501 (SQSTM1) T269 Uniprot
Q13501 (SQSTM1) S272 Uniprot
Q13535 (ATR) S428 Uniprot
Q13541 (EIF4EBP1) T37 Uniprot
Q13541 (EIF4EBP1) T46 Uniprot
Q13541 (EIF4EBP1) S65 Uniprot
Q13541 (EIF4EBP1) T70 Uniprot
Q13541 (EIF4EBP1) S83 Uniprot
Q13586 (STIM1) S668 Uniprot
Q13950 (RUNX2) S465 Uniprot
Q14005-3 (IL16) T56 Uniprot
Q14005-1 (IL16) T757 Uniprot
Q14157 (UBAP2L) S454 Uniprot
Q14202 (ZMYM3) T826 Uniprot
Q14203 (DCTN1) S212 Uniprot
Q14244 (MAP7) S209 Uniprot
Q14247 (CTTN) S405 Uniprot
Q14493 (SLBP) T62 Uniprot
Q14643 (ITPR1) S421 Uniprot
Q14643 (ITPR1) T800 Uniprot
Q14674 (ESPL1) S1126 Uniprot
Q14739 (LBR) S71 Uniprot
Q14739 (LBR) S86 Uniprot
Q14790 (CASP8) S387 Uniprot
Q14807 (KIF22) S427 Uniprot
Q14807 (KIF22) T463 Uniprot
Q14978 (NOLC1) T607 Uniprot
Q14978 (NOLC1) T610 Uniprot
Q14980 (NUMA1) T2015 Uniprot
Q14980 (NUMA1) T2055 Uniprot
Q14980 (NUMA1) S2087 Uniprot
Q14980 (NUMA1) T2106 Uniprot
Q14C86 (GAPVD1) S950 Uniprot
Q14CS0 (UBXN2B) S56 Uniprot
Q14CS0 (UBXN2B) T59 Uniprot
Q15149-7 (PLEC) T4370 Uniprot
Q15149-8 (PLEC) T4380 Uniprot
Q15149-9 (PLEC) T4388 Uniprot
Q15149-5 (PLEC) T4402 Uniprot
Q15149-6 (PLEC) T4406 Uniprot
Q15149 (PLEC) T4539 Uniprot
Q15398 (DLGAP5) T329 Uniprot
Q15398 (DLGAP5) S618 Uniprot
Q15398 (DLGAP5) T639 Uniprot
Q15398 (DLGAP5) S839 Uniprot
Q15717 (ELAVL1) S202 Uniprot
Q15910 (EZH2) T345 Uniprot
Q15910 (EZH2) T487 Uniprot
Q16513 (PKN2) S535 Uniprot
Q16659 (MAPK6) S684 Uniprot
Q16659 (MAPK6) S688 Uniprot
Q16659 (MAPK6) T698 Uniprot
Q16659 (MAPK6) S705 Uniprot
Q16665 (HIF1A) S668 Uniprot
Q2M2I8 (AAK1) T389 Uniprot
Q2NKX8 (ERCC6L) T1063 Uniprot
Q38SD2 (LRRK1) T1427 Uniprot
Q53EZ4 (CEP55) S425 Uniprot
Q53EZ4 (CEP55) S428 Uniprot
Q5BJF6-3 (ODF2) S796 Uniprot
Q5FBB7 (SGO1) T346 Uniprot
Q6PGQ7 (BORA) S252 Uniprot
Q6Y7W6-3 (GIGYF2) S30 Uniprot
Q7Z3J3 (RGPD4) S1276 Uniprot
Q86WB0 (ZC3HC1) S395 Uniprot
Q8IWB6 (TEX14) T618 Uniprot
Q8IWB6 (TEX14) T727 Uniprot
Q8IWB6 (TEX14) T728 Uniprot
Q8IX03 (WWC1) S542 Uniprot
Q8IX03 (WWC1) S931 Uniprot
Q8IXJ6 (SIRT2) S368 Uniprot
Q8IZD2 (KMT2E) T912 Uniprot
Q8IZP0 (ABI1) S216 Uniprot
Q8N122 (RPTOR) S696 Uniprot
Q8N122 (RPTOR) T706 Uniprot
Q8NEB9 (PIK3C3) T159 Uniprot
Q8NFH8-2 (REPS2) S411 Uniprot
Q8NFH8 (REPS2) S463 Uniprot
Q8NHV4 (NEDD1) T550 Uniprot
Q8TAP9 (MPLKIP) S93 Uniprot
Q8TAP9 (MPLKIP) S104 Uniprot
Q8TAP9 (MPLKIP) T120 Uniprot
Q8TEM1-1 (NUP210) S1881 Uniprot
Q8TF76 (HASPIN) T128 Uniprot
Q8WWK9 (CKAP2) T623 Uniprot
Q8WX93 (PALLD) S641 Uniprot
Q8WX93 (PALLD) S766 Uniprot
Q92574 (TSC1) T417 Uniprot
Q92574-1 (TSC1) S584 Uniprot
Q92574 (TSC1) T1047 Uniprot
Q92934 (BAD) S91 Uniprot
Q92993 (KAT5) S86 Uniprot
Q92993 (KAT5) S90 Uniprot
Q92993-3 (KAT5) S119 Uniprot
Q92993-3 (KAT5) S123 Uniprot
Q93045-1 (STMN2) S73 Uniprot
Q96C19 (EFHD2) S74 Uniprot
Q96C36 (PYCR2) S304 Uniprot
Q96EB6 (SIRT1) T530 Uniprot
Q96EB6 (SIRT1) S540 Uniprot
Q96FF9 (CDCA5) S21 Uniprot
Q96FF9 (CDCA5) S33 Uniprot
Q96FF9 (CDCA5) T48 Uniprot
Q96FF9 (CDCA5) S75 Uniprot
Q96FF9 (CDCA5) S79 Uniprot
Q96FF9 (CDCA5) S83 Uniprot
Q96FF9 (CDCA5) T111 Uniprot
Q96FF9 (CDCA5) T115 Uniprot
Q96FF9 (CDCA5) S126 Uniprot
Q96FF9 (CDCA5) S139 Uniprot
Q96FF9 (CDCA5) T151 Uniprot
Q96FF9 (CDCA5) T159 Uniprot
Q96FF9 (CDCA5) S164 Uniprot
Q96FF9 (CDCA5) S181 Uniprot
Q96FF9 (CDCA5) S209 Uniprot
Q96JH7 (VCPIP1) T761 Uniprot
Q96JH7 (VCPIP1) S768 Uniprot
Q96KB5 (PBK) T9 Uniprot
Q96Q89-3 (KIF20B) T1604 Uniprot
Q96Q89 (KIF20B) T1644 Uniprot
Q96R06 (SPAG5) S135 Uniprot
Q96R06 (SPAG5) S249 Uniprot
Q96RL1 (UIMC1) S677 Uniprot
Q96T23 (RSF1) S1375 Uniprot
Q96T88 (UHRF1) S639 Uniprot
Q99638 (RAD9A) S277 Uniprot
Q99638 (RAD9A) T292 Uniprot
Q99638 (RAD9A) S328 Uniprot
Q99638 (RAD9A) S336 Uniprot
Q99638 (RAD9A) T355 Uniprot
Q99661 (KIF2C) T537 Uniprot
Q99666 (RGPD6) S1275 Uniprot
Q99728 (BARD1) S148 Uniprot
Q99728 (BARD1) S251 Uniprot
Q99728 (BARD1) S288 Uniprot
Q99728 (BARD1) T299 Uniprot
Q9BPX3 (NCAPG) T308 Uniprot
Q9BPX3 (NCAPG) T332 Uniprot
Q9BPX3 (NCAPG) T931 Uniprot
Q9BXS6 (NUSAP1) T300 Uniprot
Q9BXS6 (NUSAP1) T338 Uniprot
Q9BYG3 (NIFK) T238 Uniprot
Q9GZM8 (NDEL1) T219 Uniprot
Q9GZM8 (NDEL1) S242 Uniprot
Q9GZM8 (NDEL1) T245 Uniprot
Q9GZV5 (WWTR1) S90 Uniprot
Q9GZV5 (WWTR1) S105 Uniprot
Q9GZV5 (WWTR1) T285 Uniprot
Q9GZV5 (WWTR1) T326 Uniprot
Q9GZV5 (WWTR1) T346 Uniprot
Q9H0H5 (RACGAP1) T588 Uniprot
Q9H1A4 (ANAPC1) T291 Uniprot
Q9H1A4 (ANAPC1) S355 Uniprot
Q9H1A4 (ANAPC1) S373 Uniprot
Q9H1A4 (ANAPC1) S377 Uniprot
Q9H1A4 (ANAPC1) T530 Uniprot
Q9H1A4 (ANAPC1) T537 Uniprot
Q9H1A4 (ANAPC1) S547 Uniprot
Q9H1A4 (ANAPC1) S555 Uniprot
Q9H1A4 (ANAPC1) S688 Uniprot
Q9H1A4 (ANAPC1) T701 Uniprot
Q9H1E3 (NUCKS1) S181 Uniprot
Q9H467 (CUEDC2) S110 Uniprot
Q9H4X1-1 (RGCC) T111 Uniprot
Q9H8V3 (ECT2) T373 Uniprot
Q9H8V3 (ECT2) T444 Uniprot
Q9H8V3-4 (ECT2) T815 Uniprot
Q9H8V3 (ECT2) T846 Uniprot
Q9H9S0 (NANOG) S71 Uniprot
Q9HCH0 (NCKAP5L) S436 Uniprot
Q9HCH0 (NCKAP5L) S447 Uniprot
Q9HCH0 (NCKAP5L) S466 Uniprot
Q9HCH0 (NCKAP5L) S473 Uniprot
Q9HCH0 (NCKAP5L) S567 Uniprot
Q9HCH0 (NCKAP5L) S573 Uniprot
Q9HCH0 (NCKAP5L) S763 Uniprot
Q9NQR1 (KMT5A) S100 Uniprot
Q9NQS7 (INCENP) T59 Uniprot
Q9NQS7 (INCENP) T412 Uniprot
Q9NQX3 (GPHN) S270 Uniprot
Q9NTG7 (SIRT3) T150 Uniprot
Q9NTG7 (SIRT3) S159 Uniprot
Q9NTI5 (PDS5B) T1370 Uniprot
Q9NXR1-2 (NDE1) T215 Uniprot
Q9NXR1-2 (NDE1) S239 Uniprot
Q9NXR1 (NDE1) T246 Uniprot
Q9NZH5 (PTTG2) S165 Uniprot
Q9NZJ0 (DTL) T464 Uniprot
Q9NZT2 (OGFR) S378 Uniprot
Q9UBF8 (PI4KB) S266 Uniprot
Q9UHD8-2 (SEPT9) T24 Uniprot
Q9UJ70 (NAGK) S76 Uniprot
Q9UJX2 (CDC23) T562 Uniprot
Q9UJX2 (CDC23) T565 Uniprot
Q9UJX5 (ANAPC4) S779 Uniprot
Q9UK53-2 (ING1) S126 Uniprot
Q9UKX7 (NUP50) S221 Uniprot
Q9ULC4 (MCTS1) S118 Uniprot
Q9ULW0 (TPX2) T72 Uniprot
Q9ULW0 (TPX2) S738 Uniprot
Q9UNZ2-1 (NSFL1C) S140 Uniprot
Q9UPP1 (PHF8) S69 Uniprot
Q9UPP1 (PHF8) S120 Uniprot
Q9UQ35 (SRRM2) T866 Uniprot
Q9UQ35 (SRRM2) T1413 Uniprot
Q9UQR0 (SCML2) T305 Uniprot
Q9UQR0 (SCML2) S511 Uniprot
Q9UQR0 (SCML2) S590 Uniprot
Q9Y2I6 (NINL) S185 Uniprot
Q9Y2I6 (NINL) S589 Uniprot
Q9Y2V2 (CARHSP1) T23 Uniprot
Q9Y3Z3 (SAMHD1) T592 Uniprot
Q9Y4H2 (IRS2) S391 Uniprot
Q9Y5N6 (ORC6) T195 Uniprot
Q9Y5T5 (USP16) S552 Uniprot
Q9Y6I3-3 (EPN1) S357 Uniprot
Q9Y6I3 (EPN1) S382 Uniprot
Q9Y6Q9 (NCOA3) S728 Uniprot
Q9Y6Q9 (NCOA3) S867 Uniprot

Research Backgrounds


Plays a key role in the control of the eukaryotic cell cycle by modulating the centrosome cycle as well as mitotic onset; promotes G2-M transition, and regulates G1 progress and G1-S transition via association with multiple interphase cyclins. Required in higher cells for entry into S-phase and mitosis. Phosphorylates PARVA/actopaxin, APC, AMPH, APC, BARD1, Bcl-xL/BCL2L1, BRCA2, CALD1, CASP8, CDC7, CDC20, CDC25A, CDC25C, CC2D1A, CENPA, CSNK2 proteins/CKII, FZR1/CDH1, CDK7, CEBPB, CHAMP1, DMD/dystrophin, EEF1 proteins/EF-1, EZH2, KIF11/EG5, EGFR, FANCG, FOS, GFAP, GOLGA2/GM130, GRASP1, UBE2A/hHR6A, HIST1H1 proteins/histone H1, HMGA1, HIVEP3/KRC, LMNA, LMNB, LMNC, LBR, LATS1, MAP1B, MAP4, MARCKS, MCM2, MCM4, MKLP1, MYB, NEFH, NFIC, NPC/nuclear pore complex, PITPNM1/NIR2, NPM1, NCL, NUCKS1, NPM1/numatrin, ORC1, PRKAR2A, EEF1E1/p18, EIF3F/p47, p53/TP53, NONO/p54NRB, PAPOLA, PLEC/plectin, RB1, TPPP, UL40/R2, RAB4A, RAP1GAP, RCC1, RPS6KB1/S6K1, KHDRBS1/SAM68, ESPL1, SKI, BIRC5/survivin, STIP1, TEX14, beta-tubulins, MAPT/TAU, NEDD1, VIM/vimentin, TK1, FOXO1, RUNX1/AML1, SAMHD1, SIRT2 and RUNX2. CDK1/CDC2-cyclin-B controls pronuclear union in interphase fertilized eggs. Essential for early stages of embryonic development. During G2 and early mitosis, CDC25A/B/C-mediated dephosphorylation activates CDK1/cyclin complexes which phosphorylate several substrates that trigger at least centrosome separation, Golgi dynamics, nuclear envelope breakdown and chromosome condensation. Once chromosomes are condensed and aligned at the metaphase plate, CDK1 activity is switched off by WEE1- and PKMYT1-mediated phosphorylation to allow sister chromatid separation, chromosome decondensation, reformation of the nuclear envelope and cytokinesis. Inactivated by PKR/EIF2AK2- and WEE1-mediated phosphorylation upon DNA damage to stop cell cycle and genome replication at the G2 checkpoint thus facilitating DNA repair. Reactivated after successful DNA repair through WIP1-dependent signaling leading to CDC25A/B/C-mediated dephosphorylation and restoring cell cycle progression. In proliferating cells, CDK1-mediated FOXO1 phosphorylation at the G2-M phase represses FOXO1 interaction with 14-3-3 proteins and thereby promotes FOXO1 nuclear accumulation and transcription factor activity, leading to cell death of postmitotic neurons. The phosphorylation of beta-tubulins regulates microtubule dynamics during mitosis. NEDD1 phosphorylation promotes PLK1-mediated NEDD1 phosphorylation and subsequent targeting of the gamma-tubulin ring complex (gTuRC) to the centrosome, an important step for spindle formation. In addition, CC2D1A phosphorylation regulates CC2D1A spindle pole localization and association with SCC1/RAD21 and centriole cohesion during mitosis. The phosphorylation of Bcl-xL/BCL2L1 after prolongated G2 arrest upon DNA damage triggers apoptosis. In contrast, CASP8 phosphorylation during mitosis prevents its activation by proteolysis and subsequent apoptosis. This phosphorylation occurs in cancer cell lines, as well as in primary breast tissues and lymphocytes. EZH2 phosphorylation promotes H3K27me3 maintenance and epigenetic gene silencing. CALD1 phosphorylation promotes Schwann cell migration during peripheral nerve regeneration. CDK1-cyclin-B complex phosphorylates NCKAP5L and mediates its dissociation from centrosomes during mitosis. Regulates the amplitude of the cyclic expression of the core clock gene ARNTL/BMAL1 by phosphorylating its transcriptional repressor NR1D1, and this phosphorylation is necessary for SCF(FBXW7)-mediated ubiquitination and proteasomal degradation of NR1D1.

(Microbial infection) Acts as a receptor for hepatitis C virus (HCV) in hepatocytes and facilitates its cell entry.


Phosphorylation at Thr-161 by CAK/CDK7 activates kinase activity. Phosphorylation at Thr-14 and Tyr-15 by PKMYT1 prevents nuclear translocation. Phosphorylation at Tyr-15 by WEE1 and WEE2 inhibits the protein kinase activity and acts as a negative regulator of entry into mitosis (G2 to M transition). Phosphorylation by PKMYT1 and WEE1 takes place during mitosis to keep CDK1-cyclin-B complexes inactive until the end of G2. By the end of G2, PKMYT1 and WEE1 are inactivated, but CDC25A and CDC25B are activated. Dephosphorylation by active CDC25A and CDC25B at Thr-14 and Tyr-15, leads to CDK1 activation at the G2-M transition. Phosphorylation at Tyr-15 by WEE2 during oogenesis is required to maintain meiotic arrest in oocytes during the germinal vesicle (GV) stage, a long period of quiescence at dictyate prophase I, leading to prevent meiotic reentry. Phosphorylation by WEE2 is also required for metaphase II exit during egg activation to ensure exit from meiosis in oocytes and promote pronuclear formation. Phosphorylated at Tyr-4 by PKR/EIF2AK2 upon genotoxic stress. This phosphorylation triggers CDK1 polyubiquitination and subsequent proteolysis, thus leading to G2 arrest. In response to UV irradiation, phosphorylation at Tyr-15 by PRKCD activates the G2/M DNA damage checkpoint.

Polyubiquitinated upon genotoxic stress.

Subcellular Location:

Nucleus. Cytoplasm. Mitochondrion. Cytoplasm>Cytoskeleton>Microtubule organizing center>Centrosome. Cytoplasm>Cytoskeleton>Spindle.
Note: Cytoplasmic during the interphase. Colocalizes with SIRT2 on centrosome during prophase and on splindle fibers during metaphase of the mitotic cell cycle. Reversibly translocated from cytoplasm to nucleus when phosphorylated before G2-M transition when associated with cyclin-B1. Accumulates in mitochondria in G2-arrested cells upon DNA-damage.

Extracellular region or secreted Cytosol Plasma membrane Cytoskeleton Lysosome Endosome Peroxisome ER Golgi apparatus Nucleus Mitochondrion Manual annotation Automatic computational assertionSubcellular location
Tissue Specificity:

Isoform 2 is found in breast cancer tissues.

Subunit Structure:

Forms a stable but non-covalent complex with a regulatory subunit and with a cyclin. Interacts with cyclins-B (CCNB1, CCNB2 and CCNB3) to form a serine/threonine kinase holoenzyme complex also known as maturation promoting factor (MPF). The cyclin subunit imparts substrate specificity to the complex. Can also form CDK1-cylin-D and CDK1-cyclin-E complexes that phosphorylate RB1 in vitro. Binds to RB1 and other transcription factors such as FOXO1 and RUNX2. Promotes G2-M transition when in complex with a cyclin-B. Interacts with DLGAP5. Binds to the CDK inhibitors CDKN1A/p21 and CDKN1B/p27. Isoform 2 is unable to complex with cyclin-B1 and also fails to bind to CDKN1A/p21. Interacts with catalytically active CCNB1 and RALBP1 during mitosis to form an endocytotic complex during interphase. Associates with cyclins-A and B1 during S-phase in regenerating hepatocytes. Interacts with FANCC. Interacts with CEP63; this interaction recruits CDK1 to centrosomes. Interacts with CENPA. Interacts with NR1D1. Interacts with proteasome subunit PSMA8; to participate in meiosis progression during spermatogenesis (By similarity).


Belongs to the protein kinase superfamily. CMGC Ser/Thr protein kinase family. CDC2/CDKX subfamily.

Research Fields

· Cellular Processes > Cell growth and death > Cell cycle.   (View pathway)

· Cellular Processes > Cell growth and death > Oocyte meiosis.   (View pathway)

· Cellular Processes > Cell growth and death > p53 signaling pathway.   (View pathway)

· Cellular Processes > Cell growth and death > Cellular senescence.   (View pathway)

· Cellular Processes > Cellular community - eukaryotes > Gap junction.   (View pathway)

· Human Diseases > Infectious diseases: Viral > Herpes simplex infection.

· Human Diseases > Infectious diseases: Viral > Epstein-Barr virus infection.

· Human Diseases > Cancers: Overview > Viral carcinogenesis.

· Organismal Systems > Endocrine system > Progesterone-mediated oocyte maturation.


1). Secalonic acid D induces cell apoptosis in both sensitive and ABCG2-overexpressing multidrug resistant cancer cells through upregulating c-Jun expression. Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B, 2019 (PubMed: 31193763) [IF=14.5]

Application: WB    Species: human    Sample: S1 and S1-MI-80 cells

Figure 2 | Effect of SAD on cell cycle and apoptosis. (A) The cell cycle analysis was determined by PI staining and flow cytometry cell quest software. S1 and S1-MI-80 cells were treated with 4 μmol/L SAD for 12, 24, 48, and 72 h, respectively. The content of G2/M phase was increased in a time-dependent pattern. (B) Histograms of cell cycle distribution in non-treated and treated S1 and S1-MI-80 cells. (C) S1 and S1-MI-80 cells were treated with SAD (4 μmol/L) for four different time points. Western blot analysis was used to detect the levels of CDC2, p-CDC2 and cyclin B1 protein after SAD treatment.

2). Silica nanoparticles cause spermatogenesis dysfunction in mice via inducing cell cycle arrest and apoptosis. ECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY, 2022 (PubMed: 35051769) [IF=6.8]

Application: WB    Species: mouse    Sample: testis

Fig. 5. |SiNPs affected the protein expressions of cell cycle regulators. (A) The protein expressions of cyclin A1, CDK2, cyclin E1, CDK1, and cyclin B1 were significantly decreased in the testis after exposure to SiNPs.

3). Cyclovirobuxine D inhibits growth and progression of non‑small cell lung cancer cells by suppressing the KIF11‑CDC25C‑CDK1‑CyclinB1 G2/M phase transition regulatory network and the NFκB/JNK signaling pathway. International Journal of Oncology, 2023 (PubMed: 36929198) [IF=5.2]

Application: WB    Species: Human    Sample: NSCLC cells

Figure 6 KIF11, KIF11-CDK1-CDC25C-cyclinB1 oncogenic network and NF-kB/JNK signaling pathway are the potential CVB-D therapeutic targets in the NSCLC cells. (A) Venn diagram showed the overlap number of potential CVB-D target genes in NSCLC cells by intersecting four LUAD datasets. (B) Protein-protein interaction network analysis revealed interaction between the 10 overlapping DEGs. The disconnected nodes are hidden. (C) The interactive heatmap from GEPIA 2 database showed expression of the 6 DEGs in LUAD and normal lung tissues. KIF11 is the most differentially expressed gene between LUAD and normal lung tissues. (D) Venn diagram revealed 2 common genes (KIF11 and CDK1) based on intersection between the 10 overlapping DEGs and the 100 predicted CVB-D target genes extracted from the Swisstarget prediction database. (E) Western blot analysis identified the expression of KIF11, CDK1, CDC25C and cyclinB1 proteins in the control and CVB-D-treated NSCLC cells. (F and G) Immunohistochemical assay results showed the expression levels and localization of the KIF11 protein in the control and CVB-D-treated A549 xenograft tumor tissues. (H) Western blot assay results revealed the KIF11 protein levels in the si-NC and si-KIF11-transfected NSCLC cells. (I) Western blot analysis demonstrated the expression levels of the oncogenic signaling network proteins (KIF11, CDK1, CDC25C and CyclinB1) and the NF-κB/JNK signaling pathway proteins (p65, p-p65, JNK and p-JNK) in the si-NC- and si-KIF11-transfected NSCLC cells. **P

Application: IHC    Species: Mouse    Sample:

Figure 7 CVB-D inhibits in vivo progression of A549 xenografts tumors. (A) Experimental design for tumor xenograft experiments of NSCLC in nude mice to evaluate the in vivo therapeutic effects of CVB-D. Specific time points for CVB-D treatment and experimental analysis are indicated. (B) Representative images of the NSCLC xenograft tumor models with or without CVB-D treatment. (C) Representative images of the NSCLC xenograft tumor tissues from control and CVB-D-treated mice. (D and E) NSCLC xenograft tumor weights and volumes in the control and CVB-D treatment groups of nude mice. (F) Representative H&E and TUNEL staining images of the A549 xenograft tumor sections in the control and CVB-D treatment groups of nude mice (magnification, ×200; scale bar, 50 µm). (G) The proportion of apoptotic cells in the A549 xenograft tumors derived from the control and CVB-D-treatment groups of nude mice based on TUNEL staining. (H) The body weights of the xenograft tumor model mice in the control and CVB-D treatment groups. (I and J) Immunohistochemical assay data revealed the expression levels and distribution of CDK1, CDC25C, cyclinB1, Ki67, Bcl-2 and N-cadherin proteins in the A549 xenograft tumors derived from the control and CVB-D treatment groups (magnification, ×200; scale bar, 50 µm). *P

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