Product: PKC alpha Antibody
Catalog: AF6196
Description: Rabbit polyclonal antibody to PKC alpha
Application: WB IHC IF/ICC
Reactivity: Human, Mouse, Rat
Prediction: Bovine, Horse, Sheep, Rabbit, Dog, Chicken, Xenopus
Mol.Wt.: 80kDa; 77kD(Calculated).
Uniprot: P17252
RRID: AB_2835077

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Product Info

WB 1:500-1:2000, IHC 1:50-1:200, IF/ICC 1:100-1:500
*The optimal dilutions should be determined by the end user.

WB: For western blot detection of denatured protein samples. IHC: For immunohistochemical detection of paraffin sections (IHC-p) or frozen sections (IHC-f) of tissue samples. IF/ICC: For immunofluorescence detection of cell samples. ELISA(peptide): For ELISA detection of antigenic peptide.

Bovine(100%), Horse(100%), Sheep(100%), Rabbit(89%), Dog(100%), Chicken(100%), Xenopus(100%)
PKC alpha Antibody detects endogenous levels of total PKC alpha.
Cite Format: Affinity Biosciences Cat# AF6196, RRID:AB_2835077.
The antiserum was purified by peptide affinity chromatography using SulfoLink™ Coupling Resin (Thermo Fisher Scientific).
Rabbit IgG in phosphate buffered saline , pH 7.4, 150mM NaCl, 0.02% sodium azide and 50% glycerol. Store at -20 °C. Stable for 12 months from date of receipt.


AAG6; Aging associated gene 6; aPKC; KPCA_HUMAN; PKC alpha; PKC-A; PKC-alpha; PKCA; PRKACA; PRKCA; Protein Kinase C alpha; Protein kinase C alpha type;


PKC alpha is an AGC kinase of the PKC family. A classical PKC downstream of many mitogenic and receptors. Classical PKCs are calcium-dependent enzymes that are activated by phosphatidylserine, diacylglycerol and phorbol esters.



Score>80(red) has high confidence and is suggested to be used for WB detection. *The prediction model is mainly based on the alignment of immunogen sequences, the results are for reference only, not as the basis of quality assurance.

Model Confidence:
High(score>80) Medium(80>score>50) Low(score<50) No confidence

PTMs - P17252 As Substrate

Site PTM Type Enzyme
A2 Acetylation
S10 Phosphorylation
T11 Phosphorylation
S13 Phosphorylation
K38 Ubiquitination
T48 Phosphorylation
S51 Phosphorylation
K76 Ubiquitination
K91 Ubiquitination
K105 Acetylation
K158 Ubiquitination
K165 Ubiquitination
K172 Acetylation
K172 Ubiquitination
T176 Phosphorylation
Y195 Phosphorylation
K197 Acetylation
K197 Ubiquitination
K199 Ubiquitination
K205 Ubiquitination
S208 Phosphorylation
T214 Phosphorylation
S226 Phosphorylation Q13188 (STK3)
T228 Phosphorylation Q13188 (STK3)
K230 Ubiquitination
S234 Phosphorylation
S241 Phosphorylation
Y285 Phosphorylation
Y286 Phosphorylation
K309 Ubiquitination
K316 Ubiquitination
S319 Phosphorylation
S321 Phosphorylation
K325 Ubiquitination
T337 Phosphorylation
K347 Ubiquitination
S349 Phosphorylation
K352 Ubiquitination
K359 Ubiquitination
T361 Phosphorylation
Y365 Phosphorylation
K368 Ubiquitination
K388 Ubiquitination
K465 Ubiquitination
S473 Phosphorylation
K478 Ubiquitination
K486 Ubiquitination
T494 Phosphorylation
T495 Phosphorylation
T497 Phosphorylation
T501 Phosphorylation
Y504 Phosphorylation
Y512 Phosphorylation
K570 Acetylation
K575 Ubiquitination
K604 Acetylation
K604 Ubiquitination
K615 Ubiquitination
K621 Ubiquitination
K628 Acetylation
K628 Ubiquitination
T638 Phosphorylation P28482 (MAPK1) , P17252 (PRKCA)
S651 Phosphorylation
S657 Phosphorylation P17252 (PRKCA) , Q05513 (PRKCZ)
Y658 Phosphorylation P43405 (SYK)
S670 Phosphorylation

PTMs - P17252 As Enzyme

Substrate Site Source
A0A024R2E4 (ATP2B2) T1094 Uniprot
O00161 (SNAP23) S23 Uniprot
O00161-1 (SNAP23) T24 Uniprot
O00161-2 (SNAP23) S108 Uniprot
O00161 (SNAP23) S161 Uniprot
O00168 (FXYD1) S88 Uniprot
O14493 (CLDN4) S194 Uniprot
O14745 (SLC9A3R1) S77 Uniprot
O14745 (SLC9A3R1) S162 Uniprot
O14745 (SLC9A3R1) S339 Uniprot
O14745 (SLC9A3R1) S340 Uniprot
O14920 (IKBKB) S177 Uniprot
O14920 (IKBKB) S181 Uniprot
O14939 (PLD2) S243 Uniprot
O14939 (PLD2) T252 Uniprot
O14950 (MYL12B) T10 Uniprot
O14950 (MYL12B) T19 Uniprot
O14950 (MYL12B) S20 Uniprot
O14986 (PIP5K1B) S413 Uniprot
O15217 (GSTA4) T193 Uniprot
O15350 (TP73) S388 Uniprot
O15519-2 (CFLAR) S193 Uniprot
O43526-4 (KCNQ2) S520 Uniprot
O43526-3 (KCNQ2) S523 Uniprot
O43526-4 (KCNQ2) S527 Uniprot
O43526-3 (KCNQ2) S530 Uniprot
O43526-2 (KCNQ2) S533 Uniprot
O43526-2 (KCNQ2) S540 Uniprot
O43526-1 (KCNQ2) S551 Uniprot
O43526-1 (KCNQ2) S558 Uniprot
O60479 (DLX3) T134 Uniprot
O60479 (DLX3) S137 Uniprot
O60479 (DLX3) S138 Uniprot
O60479 (DLX3) S182 Uniprot
O60500 (NPHS1) T1120 Uniprot
O60500 (NPHS1) T1125 Uniprot
O60716 (CTNND1) S879 Uniprot
O60825-1 (PFKFB2) T475 Uniprot
O60869-2 (EDF1) T91 Uniprot
O60928 (KCNJ13) S201 Uniprot
O60941 (DTNB) T69 Uniprot
O60941 (DTNB) T179 Uniprot
O60941 (DTNB) T212 Uniprot
O75376 (NCOR1) S70 Uniprot
O75469 (NR1I2) T408 Uniprot
O75689-1 (ADAP1) S87 Uniprot
O75689 (ADAP1) T276 Uniprot
O76090 (BEST1) S358 Uniprot
O94759-3 (TRPM2) S39 Uniprot
O94806 (PRKD3) S731 Uniprot
O94992 (HEXIM1) S158 Uniprot
O95243 (MBD4) S165 Uniprot
O95243 (MBD4) S262 Uniprot
O95471 (CLDN7) S204 Uniprot
O95644-5 (NFATC1) S232 Uniprot
O95644-2 (NFATC1) S245 Uniprot
O95644-5 (NFATC1) S256 Uniprot
O95644-4 (NFATC1) S269 Uniprot
O95644-5 (NFATC1) S281 Uniprot
O95644-4 (NFATC1) S294 Uniprot
O95786 (DDX58) S8 Uniprot
O95786 (DDX58) T170 Uniprot
O96004 (HAND1) S98 Uniprot
O96004 (HAND1) T107 Uniprot
O96004 (HAND1) S109 Uniprot
P00533 (EGFR) T678 Uniprot
P00749 (PLAU) S158 Uniprot
P00749 (PLAU) S323 Uniprot
P01116-2 (KRAS) S181 Uniprot
P01589 (IL2RA) S268 Uniprot
P01589 (IL2RA) T271 Uniprot
P01730 (CD4) S433 Uniprot
P01730 (CD4) S440 Uniprot
P02545-2 (LMNA) T19 Uniprot
P02545-3 (LMNA) S403 Uniprot
P02545-2 (LMNA) S404 Uniprot
P02545-2 (LMNA) S525 Uniprot
P02686-4 (MBP) S8 Uniprot
P02686-6 (MBP) S13 Uniprot
P02686-3 (MBP) S57 Uniprot
P02686-5 (MBP) S116 Uniprot
P02686-6 (MBP) S122 Uniprot
P02686-5 (MBP) S133 Uniprot
P02686-1 (MBP) S141 Uniprot
P02686-3 (MBP) S142 Uniprot
P02686-1 (MBP) S146 Uniprot
P02686-4 (MBP) S148 Uniprot
P02686-6 (MBP) S151 Uniprot
P02686-5 (MBP) S152 Uniprot
P02686-3 (MBP) S159 Uniprot
P02686-5 (MBP) S162 Uniprot
P02686-4 (MBP) S167 Uniprot
P02686-4 (MBP) S177 Uniprot
P02686-3 (MBP) S178 Uniprot
P02686-3 (MBP) S188 Uniprot
P02686-1 (MBP) S190 Uniprot
P02686-1 (MBP) S249 Uniprot
P02686-1 (MBP) S266 Uniprot
P02686-1 (MBP) S285 Uniprot
P02686-1 (MBP) S295 Uniprot
P02786 (TFRC) S24 Uniprot
P04004 (VTN) S381 Uniprot
P04004 (VTN) S386 Uniprot
P04004 (VTN) S393 Uniprot
P04004 (VTN) S397 Uniprot
P04049 (RAF1) S43 Uniprot
P04049 (RAF1) S233 Uniprot
P04049 (RAF1) S497 Uniprot
P04049 (RAF1) S499 Uniprot
P04049 (RAF1) S619 Uniprot
P04083 (ANXA1) S27 Uniprot
P04083 (ANXA1) S28 Uniprot
P04439 (HLA-A) S359 Uniprot
P04626 (ERBB2) T686 Uniprot
P04637-1 (TP53) S371 Uniprot
P04637 (TP53) S376 Uniprot
P04637 (TP53) T377 Uniprot
P04637-1 (TP53) S378 Uniprot
P05107 (ITGB2) S745 Uniprot
P05107 (ITGB2) T758 Uniprot
P05107 (ITGB2) T760 Uniprot
P05114 (HMGN1) S7 Uniprot
P05114 (HMGN1) S21 Uniprot
P05114 (HMGN1) S25 Uniprot
P05204 (HMGN2) S25 Uniprot
P05204 (HMGN2) S29 Uniprot
P05556 (ITGB1) S785 Uniprot
P05783 (KRT18) S53 Uniprot
P06127 (CD5) T434 Uniprot
P06127 (CD5) T436 Uniprot
P06213 (INSR) S1062 Uniprot
P06213 (INSR) S1064 Uniprot
P06213-1 (INSR) T1362 Uniprot
P06239 (LCK) S42 Uniprot
P06730-1 (EIF4E) S209 Uniprot
P07355 (ANXA2) S12 Uniprot
P07355-1 (ANXA2) S26 Uniprot
P07355-2 (ANXA2) S44 Uniprot
P07949 (RET) T675 Uniprot
P08034 (GJB1) S229 Uniprot
P08034 (GJB1) S233 Uniprot
P08100 (RHO) S334 Uniprot
P08100 (RHO) T336 Uniprot
P08183 (ABCB1) S661 Uniprot
P08183 (ABCB1) S667 Uniprot
P08183 (ABCB1) S671 Uniprot
P08253 (MMP2) S160 Uniprot
P08253 (MMP2) T250 Uniprot
P08253 (MMP2) S365 Uniprot
P08253 (MMP2) T377 Uniprot
P08253 (MMP2) T378 Uniprot
P08567 (PLEK) S113 Uniprot
P08567 (PLEK) S117 Uniprot
P08581 (MET) S985 Uniprot
P08670 (VIM) S5 Uniprot
P08670 (VIM) S7 Uniprot
P08670 (VIM) S8 Uniprot
P08670 (VIM) S9 Uniprot
P08670 (VIM) S10 Uniprot
P08670 (VIM) S25 Uniprot
P08670 (VIM) S26 Uniprot
P08670 (VIM) S34 Uniprot
P08670 (VIM) S39 Uniprot
P08670 (VIM) S42 Uniprot
P08684 (CYP3A4) T92 Uniprot
P08684 (CYP3A4) S100 Uniprot
P08684 (CYP3A4) T103 Uniprot
P08684 (CYP3A4) S116 Uniprot
P08684 (CYP3A4) S119 Uniprot
P08684 (CYP3A4) S131 Uniprot
P08684 (CYP3A4) S134 Uniprot
P08684 (CYP3A4) T136 Uniprot
P08684 (CYP3A4) S139 Uniprot
P08684 (CYP3A4) S259 Uniprot
P08684 (CYP3A4) T264 Uniprot
P08684 (CYP3A4) T284 Uniprot
P08684 (CYP3A4) S398 Uniprot
P08684 (CYP3A4) S420 Uniprot
P08833 (IGFBP1) S126 Uniprot
P08833 (IGFBP1) S144 Uniprot
P08833 (IGFBP1) S194 Uniprot
P09211 (GSTP1) S185 Uniprot
P09651 (HNRNPA1) S95 Uniprot
P09693 (CD3G) S148 Uniprot
P09758 (TACSTD2) S303 Uniprot
P10275 (AR) S579 Uniprot
P10415-1 (BCL2) S24 Uniprot
P10415 (BCL2) S70 Uniprot
P10451-5 (SPP1) S148 Uniprot
P10588 (NR2F6) S83 Uniprot
P10599 (TXN) T100 Uniprot
P10636-8 (MAPT) S258 Uniprot
P10636-8 (MAPT) S293 Uniprot
P10636-8 (MAPT) S305 Uniprot
P10636-8 (MAPT) S324 Uniprot
P10636-8 (MAPT) S352 Uniprot
P10721-1 (KIT) S741 Uniprot
P10721 (KIT) S746 Uniprot
P10721-1 (KIT) S821 Uniprot
P10721-1 (KIT) S959 Uniprot
P11234 (RALB) S198 Uniprot
P11387 (TOP1) S21 Uniprot
P11388-1 (TOP2A) S29 Uniprot
P11473 (VDR) S51 Uniprot
P11831 (SRF) T159 Uniprot
P11831 (SRF) S162 Uniprot
P12931-1 (SRC) S12 Uniprot
P13498 (CYBA) T147 Uniprot
P13569 (CFTR) S660 Uniprot
P13569-1 (CFTR) S686 Uniprot
P13569 (CFTR) S737 Uniprot
P13569-1 (CFTR) S790 Uniprot
P13569 (CFTR) S795 Uniprot
P13569 (CFTR) S813 Uniprot
P13726 (F3) S285 Uniprot
P13726 (F3) S290 Uniprot
P14136-1 (GFAP) S13 Uniprot
P14136-1 (GFAP) S17 Uniprot
P14136-1 (GFAP) S38 Uniprot
P14598 (NCF1) S303 Uniprot
P14598 (NCF1) S304 Uniprot
P14598 (NCF1) S315 Uniprot
P14598 (NCF1) S320 Uniprot
P14598 (NCF1) S328 Uniprot
P14598 (NCF1) S359 Uniprot
P14598 (NCF1) S370 Uniprot
P14598 (NCF1) S379 Uniprot
P15172 (MYOD1) T115 Uniprot
P15311 (EZR) T567 Uniprot
P15336 (ATF2) S121 Uniprot
P15382 (KCNE1) S102 Uniprot
P16070 (CD44) S672 Uniprot
P16144 (ITGB4) S1356 Uniprot
P16144 (ITGB4) S1360 Uniprot
P16144 (ITGB4) S1364 Uniprot
P16144 (ITGB4) S1494 Uniprot
P16150 (SPN) S351 Uniprot
P16671 (CD36) T92 Uniprot
P17252 (PRKCA) T638 Uniprot
P17252 (PRKCA) S657 Uniprot
P17302 (GJA1) S262 Uniprot
P17302 (GJA1) S368 Uniprot
P17812 (CTPS1) T455 Uniprot
P17812 (CTPS1) S462 Uniprot
P17844-1 (DDX5) S557 Uniprot
P18031 (PTPN1) S378 Uniprot
P18206-2 (VCL) S1033 Uniprot
P18206-2 (VCL) S1045 Uniprot
P18206-1 (VCL) S1101 Uniprot
P18206-1 (VCL) S1113 Uniprot
P18507-2 (GABRG2) S366 Uniprot
P18507-3 (GABRG2) S406 Uniprot
P19021-2 (PAM) S822 Uniprot
P19021-2 (PAM) S827 Uniprot
P19021-4 (PAM) S843 Uniprot
P19021-4 (PAM) S848 Uniprot
P19021-3 (PAM) S861 Uniprot
P19021-3 (PAM) S866 Uniprot
P19021-5 (PAM) S930 Uniprot
P19021-5 (PAM) S935 Uniprot
P19086 (GNAZ) S16 Uniprot
P19086 (GNAZ) S27 Uniprot
P19174 (PLCG1) S1248 Uniprot
P19429 (TNNI3) S23 Uniprot
P19429 (TNNI3) S24 Uniprot
P19429 (TNNI3) S42 Uniprot
P19429 (TNNI3) S44 Uniprot
P19429 (TNNI3) S77 Uniprot
P19429 (TNNI3) T143 Uniprot
P19429 (TNNI3) S199 Uniprot
P20020-3 (ATP2B1) T1116 Uniprot
P21359-2 (NF1) S2808 Uniprot
P21399 (ACO1) S138 Uniprot
P21399 (ACO1) S711 Uniprot
P21730 (C5AR1) S314 Uniprot
P21730 (C5AR1) S317 Uniprot
P21730 (C5AR1) S327 Uniprot
P21730 (C5AR1) S332 Uniprot
P21730 (C5AR1) S334 Uniprot
P21730 (C5AR1) S338 Uniprot
P21731 (TBXA2R) S324 Uniprot
P21731 (TBXA2R) S329 Uniprot
P21731 (TBXA2R) S331 Uniprot
P21731 (TBXA2R) T337 Uniprot
P21731-2 (TBXA2R) T399 Uniprot
P22460 (KCNA5) T15 Uniprot
P22681 (CBL) S619 Uniprot
P22681 (CBL) S623 Uniprot
P22681 (CBL) S639 Uniprot
P22681 (CBL) S642 Uniprot
P23528 (CFL1) S23 Uniprot
P23528 (CFL1) S24 Uniprot
P23677 (ITPKA) T311 Uniprot
P24046-1 (GABRR1) S431 Uniprot
P24046-1 (GABRR1) S440 Uniprot
P24046-1 (GABRR1) S443 Uniprot
P24046-1 (GABRR1) S444 Uniprot
P24046-1 (GABRR1) S447 Uniprot
P24844 (MYL9) S2 Uniprot
P24844 (MYL9) S3 Uniprot
P24844 (MYL9) T10 Uniprot
P25098 (GRK2) S29 Uniprot
P28329-3 (CHAT) T255 Uniprot
P28329-3 (CHAT) S346 Uniprot
P28329-3 (CHAT) S347 Uniprot
P28329 (CHAT) T373 Uniprot
P28329-3 (CHAT) S440 Uniprot
P28329 (CHAT) S464 Uniprot
P28329 (CHAT) S465 Uniprot
P28329-3 (CHAT) S476 Uniprot
P28329 (CHAT) S558 Uniprot
P28329 (CHAT) S594 Uniprot
P29350-1 (PTPN6) S591 Uniprot
P29353-7 (SHC1) S29 Uniprot
P29353-1 (SHC1) S139 Uniprot
P29474 (NOS3) T495 Uniprot
P29475-1 (NOS1) S852 Uniprot
P29966 (MARCKS) S27 Uniprot
P29966 (MARCKS) S46 Uniprot
P29966 (MARCKS) S81 Uniprot
P29966 (MARCKS) S101 Uniprot
P29966 (MARCKS) S118 Uniprot
P29966 (MARCKS) S159 Uniprot
P29966 (MARCKS) S163 Uniprot
P29966 (MARCKS) S167 Uniprot
P29966 (MARCKS) S170 Uniprot
P29972 (AQP1) T157 Uniprot
P29972 (AQP1) T239 Uniprot
P30086 (PEBP1) S153 Uniprot
P30411 (BDKRB2) S373 Uniprot
P30622 (CLIP1) S312 Uniprot
P31431-1 (SDC4) S179 Uniprot
P31645 (SLC6A4) S149 Uniprot
P31645 (SLC6A4) S277 Uniprot
P31645 (SLC6A4) T603 Uniprot
P31749 (AKT1) T308 Uniprot
P31749 (AKT1) S473 Uniprot
P32004 (L1CAM) T1172 Uniprot
P34741 (SDC2) S187 Uniprot
P34741 (SDC2) S188 Uniprot
P35367 (HRH1) S396 Uniprot
P35367 (HRH1) S398 Uniprot
P35367 (HRH1) T478 Uniprot
P35368 (ADRA1B) S396 Uniprot
P35368 (ADRA1B) S402 Uniprot
P35368 (ADRA1B) S406 Uniprot
P35368 (ADRA1B) S410 Uniprot
P35368 (ADRA1B) S412 Uniprot
P35398 (RORA) S35 Uniprot
P35568 (IRS1) S24 Uniprot
P35579 (MYH9) S1916 Uniprot
P35611 (ADD1) S716 Uniprot
P35611 (ADD1) S726 Uniprot
P35612 (ADD2) S713 Uniprot
P35612 (ADD2) S726 Uniprot
P35869 (AHR) S12 Uniprot
P35869 (AHR) S36 Uniprot
P35900 (KRT20) S13 Uniprot
P36542 (ATP5F1C) S146 Uniprot
P36897 (TGFBR1) T200 Uniprot
P37802 (TAGLN2) S11 Uniprot
P37802 (TAGLN2) T180 Uniprot
P37802 (TAGLN2) S185 Uniprot
P38936 (CDKN1A) S146 Uniprot
P38936 (CDKN1A) S153 Uniprot
P41091 (EIF2S3) T66 Uniprot
P41143 (OPRD1) S344 Uniprot
P41180 (CASR) T888 Uniprot
P41594-2 (GRM5) S840 Uniprot
P41594-2 (GRM5) T841 Uniprot
P42261 (GRIA1) S832 Uniprot
P42261 (GRIA1) S834 Uniprot
P42261 (GRIA1) S836 Uniprot
P42261-1 (GRIA1) S849 Uniprot
P42262 (GRIA2) S683 Uniprot
P42262 (GRIA2) S717 Uniprot
P42262 (GRIA2) S880 Uniprot
P43119 (PTGIR) S328 Uniprot
P43629 (KIR3DL1) S415 Uniprot
P45379 (TNNT2) S189 Uniprot
P45379-11 (TNNT2) T200 Uniprot
P45379-6 (TNNT2) T203 Uniprot
P45379 (TNNT2) T204 Uniprot
P45379-10 (TNNT2) T210 Uniprot
P45379-11 (TNNT2) T281 Uniprot
P45379-6 (TNNT2) T284 Uniprot
P45379-10 (TNNT2) T291 Uniprot
P46940 (IQGAP1) S1443 Uniprot
P48048 (KCNJ1) S4 Uniprot
P48048 (KCNJ1) S201 Uniprot
P48050 (KCNJ4) T53 Uniprot
P48058 (GRIA4) T850 Uniprot
P48058 (GRIA4) S862 Uniprot
P48067-2 (SLC6A9) T19 Uniprot
P48067-2 (SLC6A9) S239 Uniprot
P48067-2 (SLC6A9) T276 Uniprot
P48067-2 (SLC6A9) T590 Uniprot
P48067-2 (SLC6A9) S625 Uniprot
P49768 (PSEN1) S346 Uniprot
P49795 (RGS19) S24 Uniprot
P49795 (RGS19) T201 Uniprot
P49802-5 (RGS7) S434 Uniprot
P49840 (GSK3A) S21 Uniprot
P49841 (GSK3B) S9 Uniprot
P50552 (VASP) S157 Uniprot
P51674-1 (GPM6A) T10 Uniprot
P52565 (ARHGDIA) S34 Uniprot
P52565 (ARHGDIA) S96 Uniprot
P52566 (ARHGDIB) S31 Uniprot
P53004 (BLVRA) S149 Uniprot
P53004 (BLVRA) S230 Uniprot
P55042 (RRAD) S214 Uniprot
P55042 (RRAD) S257 Uniprot
P55042 (RRAD) S273 Uniprot
P55042 (RRAD) S290 Uniprot
P55042 (RRAD) S299 Uniprot
P55087 (AQP4) S180 Uniprot
P55273 (CDKN2D) S76 Uniprot
P55273 (CDKN2D) T141 Uniprot
P56537 (EIF6) S235 Uniprot
P60880 (SNAP25) T138 Uniprot
P60880 (SNAP25) S187 Uniprot
P60983 (GMFB) S72 Uniprot
P61764-1 (STXBP1) S306 Uniprot
P61764-2 (STXBP1) S313 Uniprot
P78536 (ADAM17) T735 Uniprot
P81274 (GPSM2) S408 Uniprot
Q01814-1 (ATP2B2) T1139 Uniprot
Q01844 (EWSR1) S266 Uniprot
Q01954 (BNC1) S541 Uniprot
Q01970 (PLCB3) S1105 Uniprot
Q01995 (TAGLN) S181 Uniprot
Q02156 (PRKCE) S234 Uniprot
Q02156 (PRKCE) S316 Uniprot
Q02156 (PRKCE) S368 Uniprot
Q03060-16 (CREM) S87 Uniprot
Q03721 (KCNC4) S15 Uniprot
Q03721 (KCNC4) S21 Uniprot
Q04637 (EIF4G1) S1185 Uniprot
Q05193 (DNM1) S778 Uniprot
Q05193-1 (DNM1) S795 Uniprot
Q05209 (PTPN12) S39 Uniprot
Q05209 (PTPN12) S435 Uniprot
Q05682 (CALD1) S643 Uniprot
Q05682 (CALD1) S656 Uniprot
Q05682 (CALD1) S677 Uniprot
Q05940 (SLC18A2) S15 Uniprot
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Q13418 (ILK) T181 Uniprot
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Q13507 (TRPC3) S703 Uniprot
Q13507-3 (TRPC3) S712 Uniprot
Q13522 (PPP1R1A) S67 Uniprot
Q13522 (PPP1R1A) T75 Uniprot
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Q13574-3 (DGKZ) S282 Uniprot
Q13769 (THOC5) S5 Uniprot
Q13769 (THOC5) S6 Uniprot
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Q9NRF2 (SH2B1) S165 Uniprot
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Q9NRY4 (ARHGAP35) T1226 Uniprot
Q9NRY4 (ARHGAP35) S1236 Uniprot
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Q9NS23-2 (RASSF1) S203 Uniprot
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Q9UEY8-2 (ADD3) S661 Uniprot
Q9UEY8-1 (ADD3) S693 Uniprot
Q9UJY1 (HSPB8) S14 Uniprot
Q9UJY1 (HSPB8) T63 Uniprot
Q9UKG1 (APPL1) S430 Uniprot
Q9UQ80 (PA2G4) S360 Uniprot
Q9UQ80-1 (PA2G4) S363 Uniprot
Q9UQ80 (PA2G4) T366 Uniprot
Q9Y624-1 (F11R) T70 Uniprot
Q9Y624-1 (F11R) T92 Uniprot
Q9Y624 (F11R) S284 Uniprot
Q9Y6H6 (KCNE3) S82 Uniprot

Research Backgrounds


Calcium-activated, phospholipid- and diacylglycerol (DAG)-dependent serine/threonine-protein kinase that is involved in positive and negative regulation of cell proliferation, apoptosis, differentiation, migration and adhesion, tumorigenesis, cardiac hypertrophy, angiogenesis, platelet function and inflammation, by directly phosphorylating targets such as RAF1, BCL2, CSPG4, TNNT2/CTNT, or activating signaling cascade involving MAPK1/3 (ERK1/2) and RAP1GAP. Involved in cell proliferation and cell growth arrest by positive and negative regulation of the cell cycle. Can promote cell growth by phosphorylating and activating RAF1, which mediates the activation of the MAPK/ERK signaling cascade, and/or by up-regulating CDKN1A, which facilitates active cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) complex formation in glioma cells. In intestinal cells stimulated by the phorbol ester PMA, can trigger a cell cycle arrest program which is associated with the accumulation of the hyper-phosphorylated growth-suppressive form of RB1 and induction of the CDK inhibitors CDKN1A and CDKN1B. Exhibits anti-apoptotic function in glioma cells and protects them from apoptosis by suppressing the p53/TP53-mediated activation of IGFBP3, and in leukemia cells mediates anti-apoptotic action by phosphorylating BCL2. During macrophage differentiation induced by macrophage colony-stimulating factor (CSF1), is translocated to the nucleus and is associated with macrophage development. After wounding, translocates from focal contacts to lamellipodia and participates in the modulation of desmosomal adhesion. Plays a role in cell motility by phosphorylating CSPG4, which induces association of CSPG4 with extensive lamellipodia at the cell periphery and polarization of the cell accompanied by increases in cell motility. During chemokine-induced CD4(+) T cell migration, phosphorylates CDC42-guanine exchange factor DOCK8 resulting in its dissociation from LRCH1 and the activation of GTPase CDC42. Is highly expressed in a number of cancer cells where it can act as a tumor promoter and is implicated in malignant phenotypes of several tumors such as gliomas and breast cancers. Negatively regulates myocardial contractility and positively regulates angiogenesis, platelet aggregation and thrombus formation in arteries. Mediates hypertrophic growth of neonatal cardiomyocytes, in part through a MAPK1/3 (ERK1/2)-dependent signaling pathway, and upon PMA treatment, is required to induce cardiomyocyte hypertrophy up to heart failure and death, by increasing protein synthesis, protein-DNA ratio and cell surface area. Regulates cardiomyocyte function by phosphorylating cardiac troponin T (TNNT2/CTNT), which induces significant reduction in actomyosin ATPase activity, myofilament calcium sensitivity and myocardial contractility. In angiogenesis, is required for full endothelial cell migration, adhesion to vitronectin (VTN), and vascular endothelial growth factor A (VEGFA)-dependent regulation of kinase activation and vascular tube formation. Involved in the stabilization of VEGFA mRNA at post-transcriptional level and mediates VEGFA-induced cell proliferation. In the regulation of calcium-induced platelet aggregation, mediates signals from the CD36/GP4 receptor for granule release, and activates the integrin heterodimer ITGA2B-ITGB3 through the RAP1GAP pathway for adhesion. During response to lipopolysaccharides (LPS), may regulate selective LPS-induced macrophage functions involved in host defense and inflammation. But in some inflammatory responses, may negatively regulate NF-kappa-B-induced genes, through IL1A-dependent induction of NF-kappa-B inhibitor alpha (NFKBIA/IKBA). Upon stimulation with 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate (TPA), phosphorylates EIF4G1, which modulates EIF4G1 binding to MKNK1 and may be involved in the regulation of EIF4E phosphorylation. Phosphorylates KIT, leading to inhibition of KIT activity. Phosphorylates ATF2 which promotes cooperation between ATF2 and JUN, activating transcription.

Subcellular Location:

Cytoplasm. Cell membrane>Peripheral membrane protein. Mitochondrion membrane>Peripheral membrane protein. Nucleus.

Extracellular region or secreted Cytosol Plasma membrane Cytoskeleton Lysosome Endosome Peroxisome ER Golgi apparatus Nucleus Mitochondrion Manual annotation Automatic computational assertionSubcellular location
Subunit Structure:

Recruited in a circadian manner into a nuclear complex which also includes BMAL1 and RACK1 (By similarity). Interacts with ADAP1/CENTA1. Interacts with CSPG4. Binds to CAVIN2 in the presence of phosphatidylserine (By similarity). Interacts with PRKCABP/PICK1 (via PDZ domain). Interacts with TRIM41. Interacts with PARD3.


Belongs to the protein kinase superfamily. AGC Ser/Thr protein kinase family. PKC subfamily.

Research Fields

· Cellular Processes > Cellular community - eukaryotes > Focal adhesion.   (View pathway)

· Cellular Processes > Cellular community - eukaryotes > Gap junction.   (View pathway)

· Environmental Information Processing > Signal transduction > MAPK signaling pathway.   (View pathway)

· Environmental Information Processing > Signal transduction > ErbB signaling pathway.   (View pathway)

· Environmental Information Processing > Signal transduction > Ras signaling pathway.   (View pathway)

· Environmental Information Processing > Signal transduction > Rap1 signaling pathway.   (View pathway)

· Environmental Information Processing > Signal transduction > Calcium signaling pathway.   (View pathway)

· Environmental Information Processing > Signal transduction > HIF-1 signaling pathway.   (View pathway)

· Environmental Information Processing > Signal transduction > Phosphatidylinositol signaling system.

· Environmental Information Processing > Signal transduction > Sphingolipid signaling pathway.   (View pathway)

· Environmental Information Processing > Signal transduction > Phospholipase D signaling pathway.   (View pathway)

· Environmental Information Processing > Signal transduction > mTOR signaling pathway.   (View pathway)

· Environmental Information Processing > Signal transduction > PI3K-Akt signaling pathway.   (View pathway)

· Environmental Information Processing > Signal transduction > Wnt signaling pathway.   (View pathway)

· Human Diseases > Drug resistance: Antineoplastic > EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor resistance.

· Human Diseases > Substance dependence > Amphetamine addiction.

· Human Diseases > Substance dependence > Morphine addiction.

· Human Diseases > Infectious diseases: Bacterial > Vibrio cholerae infection.

· Human Diseases > Infectious diseases: Bacterial > Pathogenic Escherichia coli infection.

· Human Diseases > Infectious diseases: Parasitic > African trypanosomiasis.

· Human Diseases > Infectious diseases: Parasitic > Amoebiasis.

· Human Diseases > Infectious diseases: Viral > Hepatitis B.

· Human Diseases > Infectious diseases: Viral > Influenza A.

· Human Diseases > Cancers: Overview > Pathways in cancer.   (View pathway)

· Human Diseases > Cancers: Overview > Proteoglycans in cancer.

· Human Diseases > Cancers: Overview > MicroRNAs in cancer.

· Human Diseases > Cancers: Specific types > Glioma.   (View pathway)

· Human Diseases > Cancers: Specific types > Non-small cell lung cancer.   (View pathway)

· Human Diseases > Cancers: Specific types > Hepatocellular carcinoma.   (View pathway)

· Human Diseases > Cancers: Overview > Choline metabolism in cancer.   (View pathway)

· Organismal Systems > Circulatory system > Adrenergic signaling in cardiomyocytes.   (View pathway)

· Organismal Systems > Circulatory system > Vascular smooth muscle contraction.   (View pathway)

· Organismal Systems > Development > Axon guidance.   (View pathway)

· Organismal Systems > Immune system > Natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity.   (View pathway)

· Organismal Systems > Immune system > Fc epsilon RI signaling pathway.   (View pathway)

· Organismal Systems > Immune system > Fc gamma R-mediated phagocytosis.   (View pathway)

· Organismal Systems > Immune system > Leukocyte transendothelial migration.   (View pathway)

· Organismal Systems > Environmental adaptation > Circadian entrainment.

· Organismal Systems > Nervous system > Long-term potentiation.

· Organismal Systems > Nervous system > Retrograde endocannabinoid signaling.   (View pathway)

· Organismal Systems > Nervous system > Glutamatergic synapse.

· Organismal Systems > Nervous system > Cholinergic synapse.

· Organismal Systems > Nervous system > Serotonergic synapse.

· Organismal Systems > Nervous system > GABAergic synapse.

· Organismal Systems > Nervous system > Dopaminergic synapse.

· Organismal Systems > Nervous system > Long-term depression.

· Organismal Systems > Sensory system > Inflammatory mediator regulation of TRP channels.   (View pathway)

· Organismal Systems > Endocrine system > Insulin secretion.   (View pathway)

· Organismal Systems > Endocrine system > Melanogenesis.

· Organismal Systems > Endocrine system > Thyroid hormone synthesis.

· Organismal Systems > Endocrine system > Thyroid hormone signaling pathway.   (View pathway)

· Organismal Systems > Endocrine system > Oxytocin signaling pathway.

· Organismal Systems > Endocrine system > Aldosterone synthesis and secretion.

· Organismal Systems > Endocrine system > Relaxin signaling pathway.

· Organismal Systems > Excretory system > Aldosterone-regulated sodium reabsorption.

· Organismal Systems > Excretory system > Endocrine and other factor-regulated calcium reabsorption.

· Organismal Systems > Digestive system > Salivary secretion.

· Organismal Systems > Digestive system > Gastric acid secretion.

· Organismal Systems > Digestive system > Pancreatic secretion.


1). Yuan L et al. Upregulation of UGT1A1 Expression by Ursolic Acid and Oleanolic Acid via the Inhibition of the PKC/NF-κB Signaling Pathway. Phytomedicine 2021 Aug 25;92:153726. (PubMed: 34536821) [IF=7.9]

Application: WB    Species: Human    Sample: HepG2 cells

Fig 4. Effects of UA and OA on PMA-induced PKC activation in HepG2 cells. HepG2 cells were treated with 40 μ M UA or OA (alone), or they were incubated with PMA (100 nM) in the presence or absence of 40 μ M UA or OA for 24 h. The expression levels of relative PKC α protein (total, membrane, and cytoplasm PKC α , as well as phospho-PKC α were quantified by western blotting, normalized to GAPDH, and compared to the vehicle-treated group or PMA-treated group. DMSO (0.1%) was used as negative control. The values were expressed as the mean ± S.E. of three independent experiments. * p < 0.05, ** p < 0.01 relative to vehicle-treated wells; ## p < 0.01 relative to PMA-treated wells.

2). Luo Q et al. All-Trans Retinoic Acid Impairs Platelet Function and Thrombus Formation and Inhibits Protein Kinase CßI/δ Phosphorylation. THROMBOSIS AND HAEMOSTASIS 2019 Aug 1 (PubMed: 31370073) [IF=6.7]

Application: WB    Species: human    Sample: human platelets

Fig. 6| Phosphorylation of protein kinase C (PKC) α/βII, PKCßI and PKCδ. All-trans retinoic acid (ATRA)-treated human platelets were stimulated with 5 μg/mL collagen-related peptide (CRP) (A) or 1 U/mL thrombin (under the conditions of clot retraction) (B) for 15 minutes and the phosphorylation level of PKCα/βII, PKCßI, and PKCδ was measured by Western blot.

3). Tao X et al. Processed product (Pinelliae Rhizoma Praeparatum) of Pinellia ternata (Thunb.) Breit. Alleviates the allergic airway inflammation of cold phlegm via regulation of PKC/EGFR/MAPK/PI3K-AKT signaling pathway. JOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY 2022 Sep 15;295:115449. (PubMed: 35688257) [IF=5.4]

4). Zhang Y et al. Anti-Malignant Ascites Effect of Total Diterpenoids from Euphorbiae ebracteolatae Radix Is Attributable to Alterations of Aquaporins via Inhibiting PKC Activity in the Kidney. MOLECULES 2021 Feb 10;26(4):942. (PubMed: 33578967) [IF=4.6]

Application: WB    Species: mice    Sample: kidneys

Figure 4. Effects of total diterpenoids from the root of Euphorbia ebracteolata Hayata (TDEE) on protein kinase C (PKC) and protein kinase A (PKA) activation in the kidneys of H22 tumor cell-bearing mice. (A) Western blot band and protein relative expression of PKCα. (B) Western blot band and protein relative expression of PKCβ. (C) Western blot band and protein relative expression of PKA. (D) Western blot bands and protein relative expression of phospholipase C (PLC) and phosphorylated PLC. Normal: normal mice treated with blank solvent. Model: H22 tumor cell-bearing mice treated with blank solvent. The data are represented as the mean ± SD, n = 3, * p < 0.05 vs. model group (Mann–Whitney U test).

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